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    • A Fees – Early Years
    • B Fees – Main School
    • C Payment Due Dates
    • D Payment Methods
    • E Fees in Advance
    • F Additional Charges
    • G Insurance
    • H Refund of Deposits
  • I Discounts

Included in all tuition/care fees are lunches (including packed lunches if a child can’t make it to the dining hall for any reason), textbooks, most stationery, learning support if necessary, and many of our extra-curricular clubs.
Fees for September are notified to parents in June of each year, prior to the issue of the July invoice.
You will also receive a letter from the Bursar before the Easter break giving an indication of any fee rise for the following year.

Early Years Monthly Fees 2019 – 2020

At Silverhill School, Baby Unit and Nursery are invoiced monthly.
Pre School is invoiced termly, three times a year.

Baby & Toddler Unit Fees (Daily, lunch included)

08.00 – 18.00 £62.70
08:00 – 15:30 £51.10
08:30 – 15:30 £47.40
08:00 – 13:00 Lunch provided £37.00

Fees are charged per calendar month in advance.
Example 3 days per week – 8.30-3.30 – £47.40 x 3 x 52 / 12 = £616.20 per month

Nursery Unit Fees (Daily, lunch included)

08.00 – 18.00 £59.70
08:00 – 15:30 £45.30
08:30 – 15:30 £42.00
08:00 – 13:00 Lunch provided £32.00

Fees are charged per calendar month in advance.

Example 3 days per week – 8.30-3.30 – £42.00 x 3 x 52 / 12 = £546.00 per month

Termly Fees 2019 – 2020

No extra charge for lunch.
Nursery Education Grant (15 and 30 hour) is available for 3 & 4 year olds.

Pre-School – All Day (Non-refundable) £2490.00
Mornings Only £1790.00
Reception £2660.00
Year 1 £2660.00
Year 2 £2660.00
Year 3 £3195.00
Year 4 £3195.00
Year 5 £3195.00
Year 6 £3195.00


Speech £103.50 per term
Early Room (8.00-8.30am, breakfast included) £2.80 per morning
Theatre Outings at cost Cost
Late Room (3.45pm-6pm) – per hour/part hour £4.60
Tea (4:00pm) £3.60 per day

SCAMPS Holiday Club

Whole Day £30.00
Half Day £20.00
SCAMPS Lunch £3.95
SCAMPS Tea £3.95

Administration Fees (New Admissions only)

Registration Fee £35.00
Acceptance Deposit £250.00

Fees are charged per term (3 times a year) in advance.

Fees will be reviewed every year for the following September.

C Payment Due Dates

Invoices for fees are issued monthly for Baby Unit and Nursery and three times a year for Main School, for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. Please remember that when your child moves from nursery to Pre-School in September you will be charged termly.
Fees and extras are payable before the first day of the term or on the day before the 1st of the month for Baby Unit and Nursery. The first termly invoice will be sent in July, the second in December and the third in March/April.
Interest is charged on late payments in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.
Fees and speech & drama (if taken) are charged in advance. Fees for before and after school care (Early & Late Room) are charged a term in arrears or upon booking for pre school
Parents are encouraged to discuss any financial issues with the Bursar as early as possible if there is a potential for delay in payment.
Your account number is shown on your invoice, please ensure this is included in your payment details.

D Payment Methods

Bank Transfers Payments can be made by bank transfer directly to the School’s bank account. Details of the bank account are provided on each invoice. Parents should ensure that they process the payment in sufficient time for funds to be cleared into
the School’s account prior to the due date for fees.
Debit/Credit Card Should you wish to settle all or part of your bill by credit or debit card then please call the administration team who will be pleased to help. Payment can be made over the phone or in person.
Pingit Accounts may be settled using the Pingit code that appears on your invoice.
Cheques Cheques should be made payable to Silverhill School. We cannot accept post-dated cheques.
Childcare Vouchers We accept childcare vouchers from all the main providers and these may be used in part or full payment of fees. and voucher payments will be used to build up a credit towards the next invoice.
Monthly Instalments The School is unable to accept fees directly from parents by monthly instalment. Should you wish to discuss this please refer to the Bursar.
Third Party Fees Settlement It is assumed that all fee accounts will be settled from the personal accounts of parents or guardians. Please notify us if you wish a third party to be invoiced or if any one-off payments from third parties are made.

E Fees in Advance

School fees may be paid up to one year in advance. Payment should be made in September for the following academic year.
A 5% discount will be applied to the Spring and Summer term fee. This discount will not apply to any extra fees incurred.

F Additional Charges

Whilst the tuition fees cover the majority of the costs of School life, there are a number of other expenses that are invoiced to parents. The list below is to provide guidance as to the type of extra charges that may be incurred on the School invoice. It is not intended to be exhaustive; if you are unsure as to whether something that is not on the list will be charged as extra, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Tracey Childs.


One UK educational trip per year is included in the school fees. Other trips must be paid for before the trip takes place. Payment can be made via cash, cheque, card or bank transfer. Refunds on trip payments are not given if a child is withdrawn from the trip for any reason.

Speech and Drama lessons

From Year 3 you may choose for your child to take speech and drama lessons. This charge will be invoiced with the termly fee and covers, on average, 10 lessons per term. Pupils are entered for LAMDA examinations each year, these are invoiced with the termly invoice.


Various instrumental lessons may be taken at Silverhill School. These will be invoiced directly by the tutor concerned.

After School Clubs

Some after school clubs, such as Karate and Dance, are subject to an extra charge. This is payable directly to the teacher/organisation running the club.

G Insurance

Personal accident insurance is included in the daily/termly fee. As of September 2016 Personal Accident Insurance is compulsory for every pupil. Please see the explanatory leaflet giving full details of the scheme.

H Refund of Deposits

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, deposits paid on joining the School are refunded on a final July bill in the final year when the pupil leaves the School. They are not refunded on the April bill against the final tuition fees.

I Discounts

A sibling discount of 5% is applicable to first the sibling and 10% to the second and subsequent siblings of the same family.

J Notice of Leaving

As stated in the terms and conditions, should you wish to remove your child from the school, we require a full term’s notice for Pre School and main school and three months notice for Baby and Toddler Unit and Nursery.
In the event that we do not receive such notice, we will charge a term’s fees or three months fees in lieu. This will be strictly adhered to.

Who to Contact?

Ms Carly Momber Accounts Assistant 01454 772156
Mrs Karen Foxwell Assistant Bursar 01454 772156
Mr Julian Capper Principal and Bursar 01454 772156

Silverhill School (Careernature Ltd)
Swan Lane, Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire BS36 1RL
Telephone: 01454 772156


1. Silverhill School

a) The School is Careernature Limited acting by the Board of Directors as now or in the future constituted. It is assumed that a pupil will, subject to conduct and academic attainments, progress through the school and complete the most senior academic year taught.
b) The Head is the person appointed by the School to be responsible for the pupils and includes those to whom any of the duties of the Head or the School have been responsibly delegated.
c) The Parent/s are those who have parental responsibility and those referred to at clause 4 c) of these terms and conditions individually and jointly. Parents are expected to give their support and encouragement to the aims of the School and to uphold and promote its good name; to continue the pupil’s education at home and to ensure that the pupil maintains appropriate standards of punctuality, behaviour, diligence, language, discipline and dress.
d) Our Aims: The School aims to strike the balance between academic and practical work, physical education, moral and spiritual development and the pursuit of leisure activities. We are committed to high standards of teaching and care and we welcome parental contact. The School is an environment in which pupils are encouraged to participate in work and leisure activities with enthusiasm and commitment and to behave with tolerance and understanding, respecting the needs of others.
e) Changes at the School: A successful school must initiate and respond to change. The offer of a place and its acceptance are given on the basis that, in the interests of the School as a whole, reasonable changes may be made from time to time to these standard terms and conditions, to the size and location of the School, to its premises and facilities, to the academic and games curriculum and the structure and composition of classes and the way the School is run, to the rules and disciplinary framework, to the length of the school term and the school day and to any other aspect of the School. Fee levels will be reviewed each year and there will be reasonable increases from time to time. If the ownership or legal status of the School changes, the School’s rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions will be deemed assigned to the new entity. Parents would be consulted and/or given adequate notice of any significant proposals or change of policy likely to affect the school community as a whole.
f) The Standard Terms and Conditions: We believe that these standard terms and conditions reflect the customs and practice of independent schools for many generations. The rules about change and about notice and fees in lieu of notice and the other rules set out below are provided in good faith. They promote stability, forward planning and the proper resourcing and development of the School. They help also to protect parents from increases in fees and liabilities caused by the defaults of others. Any waiver is effective only if given in writing by the Head personally. The Fees List and School guidelines, as varied from time to time, are part of these Terms and Conditions. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects the statutory rights of parents.

2. Care and Good Discipline

a) Parents’ Authority: The parents authorise the Head while in loco parentis or acting on behalf of a pupil who has reached the age of 11, to take and/or authorise in good faith all decisions that safeguard and promote the pupil’s welfare. Parents consent to such physical contact as may be lawful, appropriate and proper for teaching and to provide comfort to a pupil in distress or to maintain safety and good order. (Corporal punishment is not used.) Parents consent also to emergency medical treatment including blood transfusions within the United Kingdom, general anaesthetic and operations under the NHS or at a private hospital where certified by a person who is appropriately qualified, necessary for the pupil’s welfare and if the parents cannot be contacted in time.
b) Conduct and Attendance: We attach importance to courtesy, integrity, manners and good discipline. The pupil is expected to take a full part in the activities of the School, to attend punctually on each school day, to work hard, to be well behaved and to comply with the School rules about the wearing of uniform. All pupils will receive health education appropriate to age in accordance with the curriculum from time to time.
c) The Pupil’s Health: The Head may at any time require a medical opinion or certificate as to the pupil’s general heath. Parents must inform the Head in writing if the pupil has any known medical condition, health problem or allergy or will be unable to take part in games or sporting activities or has been in contact with infectious diseases. There is a School Medical Officer. Parents must comply with the School Medical Officer’s quarantine regulations from time to time.
d) Conduct of the School: The Head is responsible for the care and good discipline of pupils while they are in the charge of the School or its staff and for the day to day running of the School and the curriculum. The Head is responsible also for the imposition of any sanction including exclusion for non-payment of fees, suspension during investigation or following a breach of school discipline, and removal or expulsion under clause 6 below. The Head is not responsible, unless negligent, for a pupil who is absent from the School in breach of school discipline. It is a condition of remaining at the School that parents and the pupil accept the school regime and the rules (in so far as they are lawful and reasonable) as to appearance and dress and the rules of school discipline that apply from time to time.
e) The School Guidelines: The purpose of the School guidelines is to encourage courtesy and consideration for others. Each pupil and parent should support the School’s objective in this respect.

3. Admission and Entry to the School

a) Registration: Pupils will be considered as candidates for admission and entry to the School when the Registration Form has been completed and returned to the School Bursar and the non-returnable registration fee paid. Admission and entry will be subject to the availability of a place and the pupil satisfying the admission requirements at the time. The School operates an equal opportunities policy.
b) Offer of a Place, Deposit/s: If, in due course, a place is offered, the deposit/s will be payable when parents accept the offer.
Details of deposits are set out in the Fees List.
An Acceptance Deposit is required for every child who joins Silverhill School. The Acceptance Deposit will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of fees or other sum due to the school on leaving. Until credited it will form part of the general funds of the school.
A Commitment Deposit is applicable to Pre-school and is required to secure a future place at the school. The Commitment Deposit will be deducted from the fees of the child’s third term in Reception.
The Commitment Deposit is non-refundable in the event that a main school place is not taken or the child leaves before the end of the Pre-school year. The Commitment Deposit will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the first term’s payment of fees. Until credited it will form part of the general funds of the school

4. Fees and Extras

a) Items Covered: Fees cover the normal curriculum together with most books and stationery. Other items incurred by the School or the pupil may be charged as Extras. The pupil is for these purposes agent of the parents. Damage done by a pupil, other than fair wear and tear, may be separately invoiced and must be paid as an extra.
b) Payment of Fees and extras: Each invoice must be paid before the first day of term. A pupil may be excluded from the School at any time when fees are unpaid and will be deemed withdrawn without notice 28 days after exclusion. (Then a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be payable.) The School is agent only in respect of any goods and services which are supplied by a third party via the School to pupils or their parents. Fees will not be refunded or waived for absence through sickness; or if a term is shortened or a vacation extended; or if a pupil is released home after public examinations or otherwise before the normal end of term; or for any cause except in the sole discretion of the Head.
c) Responsibility for Payment: Fees are the joint and several responsibility of each person who has signed the Acceptance Form or who has parental responsibility for the pupil or has paid any fees or has returned the pupil to the School or given instructions in relation to the pupil. The School may withhold any information or property while fees are unpaid.
d) Payment of fees by a third party: An agreement with a third party to pay the fees or any other sum due to the School does not release parents from any liability under these terms and conditions unless an express release has been given in writing signed by the Bursar. The School reserves the right to refuse a payment from a third party. All such payments received are accepted in good faith.
e) Late Payment: The right is reserved to make late payment charges composed of simple interest calculated on a daily basis at 2% per month, from the first day of each term, and all administration and legal costs in relation to any sums that are unpaid by the due date. It is agreed that the amount of all late payment charges should reflect the commercial rate that would be applied by a financial institution in a case of unauthorised borrowing. Such charges will be recoverable by action if necessary. Cheques delivered at any time after the first day of term will be presented immediately and will not be considered as payment until cleared. Any sum tendered that is less than the sum due and owing may in any event be accepted by the School on account only. The rules in clauses 4 and 5 of these terms and conditions are intended to protect those parents who pay on time and to safeguard the School against consequences of the defaults of others.
f) Scholarships and Bursaries: Every scholarship and bursary is subject to high standards of behaviour, attendance and work. The terms of a scholarship or bursary and in particular the terms upon which benefits may become repayable are set out in the offer letter (where applicable) to parents.
g) Assisted Places: An Assisted Place is, in essence, a place at full fees subject to a partial remission from government funds, and is offered and accepted on the basis that the parents will, promptly on each request, make a full and sufficient disclosure of their means supported by all necessary documentary evidence. A failure to do so may result in government assistance being refused and in that event parents will remain liable for the full amount of the fees.
h) Instalment arrangements: An agreement by the School to accept payment of fees by standing order or direct debit or any other arrangement for payment of fees by instalments will cease automatically in the event of any default for 30 days or more. On ceasing, the full amount of fees then due shall be payable forthwith as a debt and interest will start to accrue.

5. Events Requiring Notice in Writing

a) Definitions

  • Notice to be given by parents means (unless the contrary is stated in these terms and conditions) a term’s written notice addressed to and actually received by the Head. No other notice will suffice. Notices must be hand delivered or sent by recorded or guaranteed delivery post to the school address.
  • Provisional Notice is valid only for the term in which it is given and only when written and accepted in writing by the Head or Bursar.
  • Term means the period between and including the first and last days of each school term.
  • A Term’s Notice means notice given before the first day of each term and expiring at the end of term. Half a Term’s Notice means notice given before the first day of term expiring at half term, or notice given before half term expiring at the end of term.
  • Fees in lieu (of notice) means fees in full for the term of notice at the rate that would have applied had the pupil attended and not limited to the parental contribution in the case of a scholarship, bursary or assisted place.

b) Cancelling Acceptance: A term’s fees (less deposit/s held) will be payable by the parents if, for any reason, they cancel their acceptance of a place less than a term before entry or the pupil does not join the School after a place has been accepted. Parents who withdraw giving a full term’s notice before entry will not have to pay the fees in lieu but the deposit will be retained by the School. Cases of serious illness or genuine hardship may receive special consideration on written request.
c) Withdrawal from the School: A term’s notice must be given before a pupil is withdrawn from the School or a term’s fees in lieu will be payable as a debt at the rate applicable on the date of invoice whether or not the place can be filled. The pupil’s decision to withdraw from the School shall, for these purposes, be treated as a withdrawal by the parents. The School Year is deemed to start on 1 September in each year. The main reason for these rules is to ensure that the School has sufficient notice with which to plan fee levels, other resources and the curriculum.
d) Other Events Requiring Written Notice: Half a term’s written notice is required to discontinue an extra or half a term’s fees for the extra will be payable in lieu as a debt. The School may terminate this agreement on one term’s written notice sent by ordinary post and otherwise under clauses 6 a) and b) below.

6. Removal and Expulsion of a Pupil

a) Removal at the request of the School: Parents may be required, during or at the end of a term, to remove the pupil, without refund of fees, temporarily or permanently from the School if, after consultation with a parent, the Head is of the opinion that the conduct or progress of the pupil has been unsatisfactory or if the pupil, in the judgement of the Head, is unwilling or unable to profit from the educational opportunities offered (or a parent has treated the School or members of its staff unreasonably) and in any such case removal is considered to be warranted. The deposit will be refunded in the event of removal from the School and fees in lieu of notice will not be charged but all outstanding fees will be payable in full.
b) Expulsion: A pupil may be expelled at any time if the Head is reasonably satisfied that the pupil’s conduct (whether on or off school premises or in or out of term time) has been prejudicial to good order or school discipline or to the reputation of the School. The Head will act fairly and in accordance with the procedures of natural justice and will not expel a pupil other than in grave circumstances. There will be no refund of fees following expulsion (and all unpaid fees must be paid). The deposit will not be returned/credited; but fees in lieu of notice will not be charged.
c) Discretion of the Head: The decision to exclude, suspend or require removal or expel a pupil and the manner and form of any announcement shall be in the sole discretion of the Head. In no circumstances shall the School or its staff be required to divulge to parent/s or others any confidential information or the identities of pupils or others who have given information which has led to suspension, the requirement to remove or expulsion or which the Head has acquired during the investigation.
d) Review: In the event of expulsion or of a pupil’s removal being required, the Head will advise parents of the procedure (of which application for a review of the decision may be made).
e) Access: A pupil who has been withdrawn, excluded, suspended, removed or expelled from the School has no right to enter school premises without the written permission of the Head.

7. General Conditions

a) Special Precautions: The Head needs to be aware of any matters that are relevant to the pupil’s security and safety. The Head must therefore be notified in writing immediately of any court orders or situations of risk in relation to a pupil for whom any special safety precautions may be needed. A parent may be excluded from school premises if the Head, acting in a proper manner, considers such exclusion to be in the best interest of the pupil or of the School.
b) Leaving School Premises: The School is not, under normal circumstances, able to prevent a pupil leaving school premises. A pupil will normally be asked for details as to mode of travel and the address and a contact telephone number where the pupil can be contacted when not at school premises.
c) Residence during Term Time: The Head must be notified in writing immediately if a pupil will be residing other than with a person who has parental responsibility.
d) Absence of Parents: When both parents will be absent from the pupil’s home for a 24 hour period or longer, the School requires, in writing, the name, address and telephone number for 24 hour contact of the adult to whom parental responsibility has been delegated in loco parentis.
e) Liability and Insurances: The School does not, unless negligent, accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss of property. The School undertakes to maintain those insurances which are prescribed by law. All other insurances are the responsibility of parents including insurance of the pupil’s personal property whilst at school or on the way to or from school or on any school sponsored activity away from the School. The School is not the agent of the parents for any purpose related to insurance.
f) Pupils’ Personal Property: Pupils are responsible for the security and safe use of all personal property and are responsible for ensuring that all such property is clearly marked with the owner’s name. A pupil may not bring any item of equipment on to school premises which runs off mains electricity without the prior written permission of the Head or Bursar.
g) Concerns/Complaints: Parents who have cause for serious concern as to a matter of safety, care or quality of education must inform the Head without delay.
h) Special Needs: The School wishes to monitor each pupil’s progress and each term, parents will receive a report either in writing or at a meeting with the subject teachers. Parents will be notified if it appears that the pupil is falling behind with studies but the School does not undertake to diagnose conditions such as those commonly referred to as dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention deficit disorder or poor visual acuity. The School will, on request, advise parents as to how they may, at their own expense, obtain specialist advice.
I) Biological Samples: The Head may at any time when grounds for suspicion exist, require the pupil to give a biological sample under medical supervision to test for the use of illegal drugs or other substances damaging to health. Such sample will not form part of the pupil’s permanent medical record.
j) Confidentiality: The parents consent on the pupil’s behalf to the School Medical Officer acting conscientiously and in a professional capacity, informing others and the Head and parents in confidence of any matter concerning the pupil which, in their opinion, is material to the safety and well-being of the pupil and/or others. The parents consent also to the School communicating with any other school which the pupil attends or which a parent proposes the pupil should attend about any matter concerning the pupil or about payment of fees, whether or not the information passing is in machine-readable form. In all other respects, the School will take care to preserve the confidentiality of information concerning the pupil and parents.
k) Examinations, Reports and References: The School will enter a pupil’s name for an examination if the Head is satisfied that such is in the best interests of the pupil. Information supplied to parents and others concerning the progress and character of a pupil and about examination, further education and career prospects and any references will be given conscientiously and with all due care and skill but otherwise without liability on the part of the School. Where parents are separated or divorced, reports and other information will be sent to the person with whom the pupil normally resides.
l) Copyright: The School reserves sole copyright in any literary, musical, dramatic or artistic work created by the School or by a pupil for a purpose associated with the artistic or cultural life of the School but will otherwise acknowledge the right of the pupil to assert copyright in work of which the pupil is the sole author.
m) Prospectus: The prospectus (if any) describes the broad principles on which the School is presently run and gives an indication of our history and ethos. Although believed correct at the time of printing, any prospectus is not part of any agreement between the parents and the School. Parents wishing to place specific reliance on a matter given in a prospectus should seek written confirmation of that matter before entering this agreement.
n) Consumer Protection: Care has been taken to use plain language in these terms and conditions and to explain the reasons for any of the terms that may appear one-sided. If any word/s, alone or in combination, infringe the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations 1994 or any other provision of law, they shall be treated as severable and shall be replaced with words which give as near the original meaning as may be fair.
o) Interpretation: These terms and conditions supersede those in the prospectus and elsewhere and will be construed as a whole. Unless required to make sense of the immediate context, headings are for ease of reading only and are not otherwise part of the terms and conditions.

Careernature Limited; a company limited by shares
Registered in England No. 3003772
Registered Office:Silverhill School, Swan Lane, Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire BS36 1RL
© Veale Wasbrough 1996 – Amended 2013

Silverhill School (Careernature Ltd)
Swan Lane, Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire BS36 1RL
Telephone: 01454 772156


Our Promise to you:

We will:

  • Inform you as soon as possible that your application for a place in our baby unit or nursery has been successful. You must confirm within three weeks of receiving notification that you still wish to take the place. If you do not the place may be withdrawn.
  • Provide the agreed childcare facilities for your child at the agreed times. (subject to any days when the baby unit or nursery is closed)
  • We will accommodate when possible any request you may make for any additional sessions and/or extended hours of childcare in the baby unit or nursery.

Your Commitment to us

You will:

  • Complete and return our acceptance pack containing personal details, parental and emergency contacts, authorisation to collect and a health record, before your child starts. Please inform us immediately of any changes to such records.
  • Follow our medication policy, if you require staff to administer medication to your child, we will only administer prescribed medication.
  • Follow our policy on infectious diseases and incubation periods (displayed on the notice board).
  • Inform us if your child is subject to a court order and provide us with a copy of such order on request.
  • Inform us immediately if you are unable to collect your child by the end of your booked session time.
  • Provide us with one month’s notice where possible of any dates on which your child will not be attending the baby unit or nursery.
  • Inform us at least 3 months in advance of your intention to decrease the number of sessions your child attends, or to withdraw your child from the baby unit or nursery and end this agreement. If insufficient notice is given, you will be responsible for the full fees for your child for the 3 month period.

Admission and Entry to the School

a) Registration: Children will be considered as candidates for admission and entry to the baby unit or nursery when the Registration Form has been completed and returned to the school and the non-returnable registration fee has been paid. Admission and entry will be subject to the availability of a place. The school operates an equal opportunities policy.
b) Offer of a Place, Acceptance Deposit and Commitment Deposit: If, in due course a place is offered, the deposit/s will be payable when the parents accept the offer.
Details of the deposit are set out in the fees list.
An Acceptance Deposit is required for every child who joins Silverhill School. The Acceptance Deposit will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of fees or other sum due to the school on leaving. Until credited it will form part of the general funds of the school.
A Commitment Deposit is applicable to children joining Nursery from January to September with the intention of moving to Pre-school in that September and is required to secure a future place at the school. The Commitment Deposit will be deducted from the fees of the child’s third term in Reception.
The Commitment Deposit is non-refundable in the event that a main school place is not taken or the child leaves before the end of the Pre-school year. The Commitment Deposit will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the first term’s payment of fees. Until credited it will form part of the general funds of the school

4. Payment

Our charges are based on a daily fee which shall be notified to you in advance of your child starting at the baby unit or nursery. These fees are subject to an annual increase.
Fees must be paid on a monthly basis in advance. Our fees are worked out on a calendar monthly basis.
All payments made under this agreement are payable by bank transfer, cash, cheque and childcare vouchers.
All fees are due on the first of each month. If full payment is not received by the 14th of each month, your child will not be accepted at the setting until full payment has been made. There is a late payment charge for all fees paid after the first of the month which is calculated on a daily basis at 2% per month.
If you are unable to collect your child by the end of their session and have not given us prior notice, you will incur a late collection charge which is £10 for the first 15 minutes and £1 per minute thereafter. No refund will be given for periods when your child does not attend due to illness or when the baby unit or nursery is closed on bank holidays. You are entitled to 3 weeks’ holiday (pro rata) per year running from 1st September. At least 1 months’ written notice must be given to enable you to take these holidays free of charge. As the baby unit and nursery is closed between Christmas and New Year, you will not be charged for this period. If you choose not to use your allocated holiday or fail to provide 1 months’ notice, you will not receive payment in lieu.

5. Employment of staff

If during this agreement and during the 6 months following you (directly or indirectly) employ a member of staff, that has had direct contact with your child under this agreement, you will be liable to pay us a charge representing a sum of 20% of the gross annual salary of the relevant member of staff. This figure represents the costs to us of recruiting a suitable replacement member of staff.
Staff are not permitted to babysit or offer any other services to any parents/carers under this agreement with Silverhill School.

6. General

We have an obligation to report any instances where we consider that a child may have been neglected or abused to relevant authorities. We may do so without your consent and/or without informing you.
If the baby unit or nursery has to close or we take the decision to close due to events or circumstances which are outside our control, we shall be under no obligation to provide alternative childcare facilities to you. If the closure exceeds 3 days in duration (excluding any days where the baby unit or nursery would normally be closed), we will credit you with an amount that represents the number of days that the baby unit or nursery is closed in excess of 3 days.
You may immediately end this agreement if we have breached any of our obligations under this agreement and we have not or cannot put right that breach within a 3 month period after you have drawn it to our attention in writing.
We may immediately end this agreement if you behave unacceptably as we will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse towards staff.
If you have any concerns regarding the services we provide, please follow our settings complaint procedure, details of which are displayed within the baby unit and nursery.
When your child moves into the Pre School, our main school Terms & Conditions will apply.

7. Liability and Insurances

The school does not, unless negligent, accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss of property. The school undertakes to maintain those insurances that are prescribed by law. All other insurances are the responsibility of parents, including insurance of the child’s personal property whilst at the setting or on the way to and from the setting.

8. Permanent closure of the setting

If we take the decision to close the baby unit or nursery, 3 months’ notice will be given of such a decision.

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