Early Years News and Events

Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on May 24, 2019

Dates to Remember:

  • Thursday 20th June – Parents Evening (Pre School)  
  • *Thursday 4th July – Pre School Trip to Cattle Country (All children invited)
  • *Wednesday 10th July – Goodbye Picnic (12pm school field; All children and parents invited)
  • Friday 12th July – School closes at 12pm
  • Monday15th– Friday19th July – Summer Pre School week.

Polite Notices

  • Please may we continue to remind you of our No mobile phone policy. We thank you for your continued cooperation.
  • Please may we also remind you that we are a nut free site.
  • We have observed some drivers not adhering to the 5mph speed limit, the site speed limit is set for the safety of your children, and your cooperation with this is appreciated.
  • When parking your car please help others by parking courteously.
  • Please make sure you are familiar with the one way system.
  • During the school holidays, it is equally as important to maintain the security of the site. Please can you make sure you close the main gates after gaining entry at these times.

Please can you help?

Could we ask all happy parents or guardians to write a brief testimonial that can be added to the Silverhill School and Day Nursery website. This can be just a few sentences describing your experience and satisfaction. We care about how people feel and positive feedback will help us to grow the school into the future. Thank you for your continued support. 

Babies…This week we have had lots of fun learning lots of different colours and experimenting with colour mixing! We put different coloured paint in a tuff tray with bubble wrap on top and used our hands and feet to mix the colours together! We created colours like purple, red and light blue! We have also spent lots of time playing in the garden as well as going on a trip to the duck pond! We were even lucky enough to spot a bird and her nest of babies! A visit to the duck pond on Friday has inspired lots of happy communication from the children.

Next week- The children loved watching the animals at the duck pond last Friday so we will be incorporating this into the week’s activities by reading different animal books, creating different animal tuff trays as well as leaving the sounds that different animals make! 

Acorns… It is through interaction with their world that children develop a sense of curiosity that leads to learning. They learn best when they are engaged in exploring the world around them. This week we have been looking and observing the caterpillars, gosh how they’ve grown. To actively see the large caterpillars spin a cocoon and then hatch into butterflies is an inspirational thing that they will always remember. Alongside this we have been using new mark marking equipment, the new washable felt tip pens and the small chalk boards Abby bought the children before she went on maternity leave. Some of our friends have started potty training, so we have also been using the dolls to show children how to sit on the potty.

Next week- We plan to read and explore the new potty reading book and the new family books we have in the classroom. We plan to experiment and use our creativity to make items out of recycled materials.

Squirrels…Mathematics is an important part of learning for all children and receiving a good grounding in maths is an essential life skill. … Introducing maths to children from an early age helps to develop their understanding of all elements of problem solving and reasoning in a broad range of contexts. This week we have been concentrating on lots of aspects of mathematics with an emphasis on Shape, space, and measure. We have used the sand and water outside to build, fill, empty, looking at quantities. There was fun and laughter measuring each other alongside lots of time to explore, tape measures, rulers and string. As well as helping children understand the concept of time the planting of the onions has enabled us to teach care and nurturing. This week we have been very pro-active in watering and tending to these delicate young shoots.

Next week… The Squirrels will join in with a variety of hands-on experiences that promote cognitive, social, emotional and physical development, all under the guidance of their class teachers. Looking at technology we will use it to enhance cognitive and social learning supporting play, creativity, exploration, pretend and active play and outdoor activities. We have some new exciting ideas using programmable toys, walkie talkies and lots more.

Hedgehogs…We have continued with the fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Activities linked to this story include helping to make a large beanstalk to enhance our new child developed display. The children have been exploring the soil and hunting for the magic beans as well as matching numbers and quantity with magic beans and pots.  The children have been loving being outside in the sunshine. We have been exploring numbers in the water and making lots of numbers lines. We have been practicing for sports day.

Next week – The Hedgehog class will continue to read and learn ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, and we are expecting a special letter from the giant. We will be measuring and looking for objects bigger and smaller than the giant’s footprint. We will be making magic harps to play. We will continue with sport day practice.

Bunnies…We have been fortunate enough to be able to see the caterpillars make their cocoons before half term and have placed them in their net to develop. All the children are looking forward to some dramatic changes when we come back after half term!  We have continued to use our fine motor skills colouring and cutting out the various stages of the life cycle of the caterpillar before sequencing them on a board.  We have also been exploring symmetry by making our very own individual painted butterflies. This enabled us to experiment by seeing how the colours merged and mixed as we folded the paper. Do pop in and see them as we will have them on display when they are dry.  We spent time this week revisiting our phonic sounds and as a fun extension activity we used these sounds to build simple words such as c-at, s-at.  Some children have chosen to sequence numbers on sunflowers placing them in order, we are delighted to see some fantastic efforts. We have been practicing some exciting races for sports day encouraging the children to work as a team and also reinforcing the fact that it’s the taking part that matters not the winning. We have been using the Orchard Playground more and more this week giving the children the opportunity to learn new skills sharing the swing and the need the safety around it. It also enables them to eat used to mixing with more children of various ages ready for their move to Reception classes. For the children who are staying at Silverhill it gives them a chance to meet the reception teachers and become comfortable with using the reception toilets.

After Half Term- we are all on half term so don’t forget to pop your exciting adventures on Tapestry for us to share upon our return.  This gives you and your child a whole week to find items beginning with the letter ‘w’ for the alliteration table. We wish you all a super break.

Owls…We have been very lucky with the weather this week and have spent a lot of time exploring the outside environment.  Big thumbs up to all the Owls parents for remembering sun cream and hats.  We have visited our vegetable plot and gave them lots of water to drink, hopefully after half term we may see some growth.  The tadpoles have been returned to the pond and the caterpillars are now cocoons and are in the net.  This hopefully has been excellent timing and they should hatch on our return to pre-school.  Kicking ‘k’ has brought up lots of interesting conversations and extended the children’s phonic knowledge.  The children who do Spanish have been learning colours in a fun activity using building blocks.  We have begun the sports day practice and will continue this until the day arrives.

After Half Term- we will be looking at the phonic ‘w’.  We will be investigating symmetry by making butterflies pictures.  This term it is all about ‘big school’, lots of you will be visiting your schools, some teachers may visit us and we will be doing lots of preparation activities with your children.   With this in mind please can you let your class teachers know of any times you will be absent due to visits or holidays.
We hope you have a brilliant half term, we know many of you are jetting off so enjoy.

Reception… We have had a busy week writing Minibeast sentences, learning our new Phonic sounds (er, ow, ai) and completing missing word sentences about Worms and Frogs. They have reviewed Time (to the o’clock and to the half past) and Weight (heavier and lighter). In PE we have been practising our Sports Day Races and enjoying the glorious sunshine! In Topic we have been completing Minibeast mobiles and learning about Frog lifecycles.