Early Years News and Events

Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on June 7, 2019

Dates to Remember:

  • Tuesday 18th June Acorns Sports 9.30am, Squirrels Sports 10am, Hedgehogs Sports 10.30am- in the Nursery Garden.
  • Pre-School Sports,10.30am- on the field.
  • Thursday 20th June – Parents Evening (Pre-School)  
  • Thursday 4th July – Pre-School Trip to Cattle Country (All children invited)
  • Wednesday 10th July – Goodbye Picnic (12pm school field; All children and parents invited)
  • Friday 12th July – School closes at 12pm
  • Monday15th– Friday19th July – Summer Pre School week. Booking forms have been sent with the Scamps form. Please contact s.reynolds@silverhillschool.co.uk , after Tuesday next week, to confirm your child’s government grant entitlement.

Polite reminders

  • Please may we continue to remind you of our No mobile phone policy. We thank you for your continued cooperation.
  • Please may we also remind you that we are a nut free site.
  • We have observed some drivers not adhering to the 5mph speed limit, the site speed limit is set for the safety of your children, and your cooperation with this is appreciated.
  • When parking your car please help others by parking courteously.
  • Please make sure you are familiar with the one way system.
  • During the school holidays, it is equally as important to maintain the security of the site. Please can you make sure you close the main gates after gaining entry at these times.

Babies…  Understanding movement is a vital part of a child’s development. This week we have been planning and carrying out a number of activities that enable the children to extend their gross and fine physical skills. We went on some walks around the grounds and participated in an obstacle course in the garden. We supported them in gaining balance and confidence as well as motor skills, and hand eye coordination. We have also been challenging their fine motor skills through a variety of activities from mark making to practicing with the shape sorters.

The children have enjoyed listening to stories this week and to provide all the children with experiences and support which help them develop a positive sense of themselves as well as feeling secure and confident in the nursery environment we expended this by used our storytelling skills to talk with the children about the people they know including mummies and daddies. Looking at our family photo album was another great way to encourage the children to talk about things they know.

Next week– It will soon be Father’s Day and the children will get the opportunity to create a lovely card. We will provide the children with different materials, mark making tools and glue, supporting fine motor skills and hand eye coordination and developing speech and language.

Acorns… This week have begun the new book of the month, ‘We’re all going on a Bear Hunt’. We have made a bear cave in the classroom where we all like to sit and read the story. Exploring texture we used paint and tissue to create a large bear for the display. We have also designed and drawn our own bears which are also on the display. We have explored the outdoor environments studied of leaves, plants, and different types of flowers.   All week we have been practicing our sports day races, we hope we see you all there on the 18th June.

Next week-we will continue our book of the month and will be focusing on Mathematics developed through fun and practical activities. We will organise bears in size order, use play dough to make our own bear caves some large, some small and continue practicing sports day.

Hedgehogs… have continued to practise the sports day races outdoors! This not only develops the children’s physical skills but also their sense of being part of a team, cheering on their friends and waiting patiently for their turn. The children have been doing really well and can’t wait for you to see them. The children have been really involved with the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and have been using the puppets to tell the story in their own words. We have planted some sun flower seeds with the children, discussing with them the importance of caring for living things within the environment. This has given the children an opportunity to take on responsibility. We have started making a summer display in the classroom, making butterflies and talking about symmetry and pattern.

Next week- we will be talking lots about summer, how to stay safe in the sun, drinking lots of water and applying sun cream. We will be continuing with skills we need in pre-school preschool, including pencil skills, recognising names, number recognition. We will continue to practice our sports day races outdoors!

Squirrels… This week- We have a new book of the month, ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. The children have been taking part in acting out the story with masks. This book has encouraged the children to focus on counting with ladybird spots and animals. We have enjoyed making animals from Playdough using feathers, googly eyes and lots more materials. We have also been practising our sports day races and have some very competitive children!

Next week- The children will be continuing counting and number activities. We will also be taking part in an animal sound game for the children to listen to animal noises and match them with the picture they see. We will continue sports day practise one last time before the big day. The children will be learning about rhyming and identifying words that sound the same using rhyming cards.

Bunnies…We started another fabulous week by doing something really exciting, releasing the classroom butterflies into Mr Capper’s Garden. Those children that didn’t experience this will join the Owls when they release theirs.  We continued to make observations on the class stick insects and some children have been very brave in gently handling them. The Sports Day practices have really been increased this week, making sure that everyone has had several opportunities to practice cheering their friends on and practicing the races themselves. To reinforce the phonic sound and letter ‘w’ we have been playing in the wigwam, collecting sticks and making our own wind wands. Thank you for sending in items beginning with this letter, it is such a great help in strengthening your child’s understanding of initial sounds. The children have also enjoyed playing and creating their own stories with puppets.  Creatively the children have been exploring the combining colour, using paint. They used scientific thinking to observe, predict and compare, and they experimented with cause and effect. ‘What will happen if we mix all three colours together?’ ‘How much yellow do I need to add to make green?’ They explored, discussed, invented and reviewed results during these painting opportunities, some even introduced rolling, splatting and swirling paint into the mix. With weeks now until we break up for the summer we have started to discuss and celebrate with the children the transition to their new class or school. Moving on can be a very daunting time for your children and making new friendships and getting to know new classrooms a challenge.  With this in mind we will be pointing out familiar resources that the reception class will have that they already access here, encouraging them to talk about their new teachers, looking at books, joining in role play and generally looking at change in a very positive way. In the coming weeks the children will be visiting their new classes and we can’t wait to hear about it. If we can help you in any way to make the transition as seamless as possible please let us know.

Next week- the phonic letter and sound is ‘l’ (L). Please continue to bring in those fabulous items to reinforce learning.  With parents evening looming on 20th June, please book in your 10 minute appointment with us by filling in the list on the classroom notice board.

Owls… We have two butterflies!  This has inspired questions related to their knowledge of the world around them. We have discussed how the butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis where the body of the caterpillar is transforming into an adult butterfly! We have been learning about what happens inside the chrysalis, and that the wings are fully formed (the beginnings of the wings were actually forming underneath the caterpillar’s skin) in the chrysalis. Antennae are formed and the chewing mouthparts of the caterpillar are transformed into the sucking mouthparts of the butterfly. The children were fascinated to learn that after approximately 10 to 14 days as a chrysalis, the butterfly is ready to emerge. Great for teaching time and waiting!! When the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, its wings are small and wet, and the butterfly cannot yet fly. The butterfly must pump fluids from its abdomen through the veins in its wings, which causes the wings to expand to their full size. Next, the wings must dry and the butterfly must exercise flight muscles before it can fly. To celebrate this we have been making more beautiful painted butterfly pictures, allowing us to begin to understand the concepts and vocabulary of symmetry. Seeing and creating symmetry has made this a fabulous way of developing their mathematical understanding. Once all the butterflies have emerged and are ready will be releasing them into the school garden. In the garden are lots of butterfly friendly plants so we are hoping to be able to see and study lots of them during the last few weeks of term summer. This week the children have also enjoyed the recycling tray, sorting different materials, making models and playing with the new bin truck. We have increased the practice for sports day, and the children have all been enjoying, moving through various obstacles.  Like the Bunnies we have also begun to talk to the children about their forthcoming move to school. Focusing on the positives we have begun to celebrate school or class visits, look at books, encourage school role play and generally encourage confidence and gain an understanding about the change.

Next week- the phonic letter and sound is ‘l’ (L), please bring in items for our alliteration table.  We will continue to give all the children opportunity to practice the sports day activities.  Continuing with Mathematical understanding we will look at volume and capacity. Lots of water play will encourage estimation and comparison. As the butterflies continue to develop we will include some new activities around this topic. Please don’t forget to sign up for parents evening, the 10 minute time slot sheets are on the board.  These meetings are for you to celebrate your child’s time in the Owls, read documents that will be passed on to your child’s school and to add any other comments.

Reception…have been enjoying the warmer weather and have been putting on their sun cream and sun hats. This week we have looked at Caterpillars and started our week with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and thought about the food that the caterpillar ate over the week. The children had to decide if food was healthy, unhealthy or a bit of both and it was interesting to hear that they did know what was good for them. In Maths we have been concentrating on missing numbers in a number sequence and adding on and taking away from a given number using objects and number lines. In Literacy we have been reading simple sentences and adding the missing keywords. In PE we practiced our Sport’s day races and the children are excited about showing off their running skills to their families.