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Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on August 2, 2019

Babies…have continued to look at colours in a variety of ways and particularly enjoyed investigating with sensory bottles and bricks. We also looked at the different colours we can make using chalks.  The children had lots of fun adding vehicles and paint to the tuff tray and mixed colours together to create a variety of different marks on different surfaces, developing even more colours along the way. This activity engaged the children for a long period of time and allowed them to explore new sensations and build a better understanding of the world around them. Consequently, it also exposed them to a wider range of motoric skills and exciting ways to express themselves. The promotion of development was clearly seen in some of the older babies were able to identify colours when asked, how brilliant!  We have continued to take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoyed playing in the nursery garden and exploring around the grounds. The children spent lots of time investigating in the sand and water trays and also found it great fun mixing the two together which made a new interesting texture.

Next week – We will continue to focus on communication and language skills, expanding the children’s repertoire of new words, sounds and recognition. We will provide a variety of sensory play activities that will bring even more new textures to explore and talk about.

Acorns… are learning about mathematics all the time through a wide variety of play experiences and this week we have been busy at our ‘scooping station’ with a variety of dry foods including rice and cereals to explore scooping, pouring and mixing. The children has great fun filling containers of all sizes. Empowered the children to set challenges for themselves, and added animals to the mixtures. They discovered that solid shapes were harder to measure this way and that they take up space in their scoops. It was great fun however to use the food to feed the animals! This led us to explore the story “Dear Zoo”.  Acorns have also shown an interest in numbers and shapes, using play dough the children made imprints using cutters and stamps, while staff reinforced verbally the number name or shape they had made.

Next week- we will continue to use the ‘Dear Zoo’ story to extend learning. We will been going on an animal hunt outdoors, looking at the different types of food animals eat while also exploring more mathematical experiences.

Hedgehogs…have been experimenting with mark making activities. Mark making is a key part of children’s development. Research and educational practice has linked mark making activities with aspects of creativity, critical thinking skills, the ability to make connections, and children’s understanding of their world and their exploration of effective ways to interact with it. It is through mark making experiences that children learn about exerting effects on their immediate environments and to attach symbolic meanings to the marks that they make.  This week they have really enjoyed the mini white boards, with some children choosing to draw around objects, experimenting with cars, trains and even pretend fruit! How fascinating to discover they can produce their own images. This fun activity has really helped to develop the children’s skills in preparation for pre-school. The children have made the most of the warm weather this week, we have spent as much time as possible outdoors exploring water! We have played various ball games using different sized balls and on Friday we had lots of fun chasing bubbles at forest school.  

Next week – following the children’s interest in ball games, we will take them to the school tennis courts giving them the opportunity to explore skills that will prepare them for future sports. We will look at promoting and the practice of catching, throwing, and kicking a ball whilst reflecting on how well a child can balance their body in space, interact with their environment, and coordinate opposing sides of his body.  Expanding the use of sensory involvement we will be setting up trays indoors and creating some large ice blocks with hidden surprises. The children will use a variety of one handed tools to break the ice and free the objects!

Squirrels…  This week the children have been enjoying more water play that has provided rich and valuable experiences to develop creativity and imagination. It supports children develop eye-hand coordination and math and science concepts, enhances social skills and encourages cooperation. Expanding on this the children created their own fish, crabs and jelly fish for their summer display manipulating different materials to achieve their chosen result.

Next week- we will be looking in detail at the world under water. There is something about the ocean that makes it so mesmerizing. Maybe it’s the size, maybe it’s all of the different creatures that can be found in it. Either way we will be discovering its secrets as well as thinking about how we can help save it.