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Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on August 9, 2019

School Holiday Information:

The Foss uniform shop will be open as follows during the holidays-

Thursday 22nd August 10-12noon and 3-5pm

Friday 23rd August 10-12noon and 2-4pm

Important dates:

Monday 2nd September- Baby Unit, Nursery, Pre-School and School are closed for an inset staff training day.

Tuesday 3rd September- Pre-School and School will be closed for continued inset training.

Wednesday 4th September- the Pre-School and School begin the Autumn Term.

Friday 25th October- begins half term for Pre-School and the School,(break up on Thursday 24th October)

Friday 13th December- All departments close at 12noon

Monday 15th December- Scamps begins for Pre-School and School children. Babies and Nursery opens as normal.

Tuesday 24th December- Babies and Nursery close at 1pm for the Christmas break

Thursday 2nd January- Babies and Nursery re-open.

Babies…have provided an interesting and ever-changing environment for the children to explore and develop their curiosity. We have looked at how the babies are learning and provided ways of increasing their heuristic play with the introduction of more natural materials such as hessian as a back drop for displays. The collections of items on display will be changed regularly and we have begun with the introduction of black and white. Babies and young children are naturally attracted to highly contrasting patterns and this will increase their stimulation and learning. We have lowered surfaces and added baskets of toys that allow all the children to see and choose for themselves, so promote independence at a very young age. Alongside this the children have enjoyed creating colourful painting, playing with sensory bottles and exploring multi textured tuff trays that will grow their sensory experiences. Finally we have ended the week with a trip to the local library in Winterbourne. What fun the children had exploring new surroundings, seeing so many books in one place, touching, organising and listening to stories while unknowingly developing their brain and imagination, communication and understanding of language.

Next week-stories play a key role in the week’s activities with the continued development of communication and language. We will explore words through songs, commentary, one to one support and small group time.

Acorns…have been focusing on animals that live hot climates this week, such Camels, Kangaroos, Ostriches and Meerkats. We discovered there are places in which very little rain falls and because living things need water to survive they need to find ways of finding this. Exploring different activities we have been making predictions and testing our ideas by listening to different animal sounds and suggesting the animal that goes with that sound. Linking our interest in animals with the story ‘Dear Zoo’ we have completed a hide and seek activity to find animals. Celebrating diversity the Acorns have completed an exciting display. A lovely Pride Rainbow created using feathers and tissue takes centre stage and has enabled us to educate the children to participate fully in the world in an age appropriate way. Earlier this week we sent you all a text requesting some recent family photographs and pictures to use in your child’s unique family book. These pictures can be email to the Acorn practitioners at s.hargreaves@silverhillschool.co.uk.

Next week- we will explore pattern through animal foot prints. Using the small world play animals we will print onto various papers using paint and encourage communication through a ‘show and tell’ around family pets. Pet portrait photos will be welcomed and can be used to inspire your children to express their experiences.

Squirrels…class have been reading the story “Fidgety Fish” by Ruth Galloway.  It is a fun story about a small fish called Tiddler who ends up in the belly of a big fish. The story is rich in rhyme and adjectives (describing words). The children enjoyed predicting the events in the story and they took time to notice the details of each page. They talked about the illustrations, colours, sizes and share personal experiences of being at sea. They made connections to the story by talking about their holidays with their families & pets.  Based on this interest, the children chose their favourite sea animal and made a collage and were able to explore material, space, texture and colour. Sharing their work with the other children and the practitioners the Squirrel children developed their communication skills, creativity and confidence. Outdoors we looked at gross motor skills and problem solving by splashing in puddles, to see what happened to the water and thinking about what we could do to stay dry!  We have begun to welcome and settle the new Squirrel children in the group.

Next week-the class will continue reading the story “Fidgety Fish” and begin to read “The Seaside”.  They will continue with their collages making skills and using a wide variety of materials.  Critically thinking the children will engage in making links and noticing patterns in their experience, make prediction and test their own ideas through some experimental science activities. The class will continue settling-in new children as we sadly say goodbye to others in the group who move up to pre-school after their holiday.

Hedgehogs… this week have been exploring ball games outdoors and have shown us some great involvement and concentration. The children maintained focus on the activities and dealt with incurring challenges as they developed calmly and logically. We practiced rolling the ball in a straight line as well as throwing, kicking and bouncing it concentrating on the different skills needed. It was a pleasure to see the children naturally taking turns, sharing and working together. On Wednesday, the children chose to use collage materials to create some colourful masterpieces. Exploring glue and its effects the children engaged with a range of materials including feathers, tissue paper and confetti! Outdoors, we have embraced the rain in welly boots and splashed in lots of puddles!

Next week – We will be setting up a shape station for the children to explore. This will include shape bins to encourage participation of fun activities while developing their fine motor skills. The children have shown a keen interest in the technological toys including the children’s camera and tablets. To extend their knowledge of technology these will be available all next week to use under supervision with organised activities.