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Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on August 16, 2019

School Holiday Information:

The Foss uniform shop will be open on the following dates during the holidays:

Thursday 22nd August 10-12noon and 3-5pm

Friday 23rd August 10-12noon and 2-4pm

Important dates:

Monday 2nd September- Baby Unit, Nursery, Pre-School and School are closed for an inset staff training day.

Tuesday 3rd September- Pre-School and School will be closed for continued inset training.

Wednesday 4th September- the Pre-School and School begin the Autumn Term.

Friday 25th October- begins half term for Pre-School and the School (break up on Thursday 24th October).

Friday 13th December- All departments close at 12noon

Monday 15th December- Scamps begins for Pre-School and School children. Babies and Nursery opens as normal.

Tuesday 24th December- close at 1pm for the Christmas break

Thursday 2nd January- Babies and Nursery re-open.

Babies… Focusing on books the children have enjoyed listening to stories this week. It provided them with experiences and support which will help them develop a positive sense of themselves as well as feeling secure and confident in the nursery environment. We expanded this by using storytelling skills to talk with the children about the people they know including their mummies and daddies. Looking at family photograph albums is another great way to encourage children to talk about things they know. Perhaps something you can all enjoy together at home. We have also used props and Makaton signing when singing number rhymes. These props have added a visual stimulation to encourage the children’s mathematical skills including counting and more or less. Props, together with words and refrains help children to begin to express their own thoughts, repeat and help develop their speech and language understanding.

Next week- we will continue working on communication and language skills, expanding the repertoire of new words, sounds and recognition. Sensory play will also bring new textures to explore and talk about.

Acorns… The weather this week has not been the summer weather we have recently been used too. When raining we have been creating and exploring den building. We all loved putting the blankets over the table and crawled underneath. Den building offers a range of advantages to children, from physical development to problem solving. They are able to build on their learning by thinking creatively and putting their ideas into reality. Creating dens will give your children the opportunity to think outside of the box and problem solve in order to create a structure. The will also develop communication and language skills as they work as a team to create their den. They will need to take turns in a conversation, explain their ideas and negotiate with others. They enjoyed putting cushions inside the dens to make a lovely soft place to sit. Using the dens to their full advantage the practitioners read stories inside, cosying down with the children to read their favourite stories.We also baked chocolate Rice Krispies cakes. We loved watching the chocolate melt and seeing the textures change, then mixing the ingredients together to make the cakes. We definitely enjoyed eating them.

Next week- we will be focusing on construction. We will be using the Duplo bricks to create small structures, exploring our imagination and becoming little engineers. We will also been printing with the bricks to create fabulous pictures. It will be time to update the displays, adding child creations and conversations. We look forward to our new friends joining us on settle sessions from babies.

Hedgehogs…have set up a shape station for all to explore this week. This has included ‘shape bins’ which encourage the children to discover and retrieve differently shaped objects within their environment and place them into the corresponding bin. Learning shapes will not only help them identify and organise visual information but develop learn skills in other curriculum areas including reading, math, and science. To extend this activity in the classroom we have cut out large shapes and fixed them to the tables for the children to match with objects they have found. Learning shapes also helps them understand other signs and symbols. A fun way to carry this on at home would be to take them on a shape hunt around your home or garden.  The children also enjoyed exploring the play-dough this week and have used it to make cakes and biscuits. What incredible imagination they have. This week they have gained knowledge by using the technological toys. It was lovely to see the children walking around the nursery independently taking photographs of each other using the camera. Growing up in a world in which technology is so pervasive that to them it is the norm it is important to ensure they develop an understanding of the technology that’s being used in the world around them, from mobile phones to pedestrian crossings. This will ensure they develop they appreciate that technologies are tools to be used when they’re needed and that they’re not used just for the sake of it. They will develop a positive disposition towards technology and a motivation to use it both now and in the future.

Next week- we will continue with shape recognition by going on a shape hunt in the garden. If they have already done this at home with you it will allow the learning to develop further. Encouraging concentration we will all be wearing listening ears to help us follow instruction. The children have also showing an interest in making cakes and biscuits, with the plays dough indoors and with the sand outdoors. Using this to scaffold learning we will introduce a cookery session where the children and create their own shape biscuits. In preparation for pre-school we will continue with all the early skills we will need in September.

Squirrels…this week have been practicing writing their name in different mediums, including using salt and water colours to create a 3D effect. We have been taking part in some yoga and learning more movements and positions. When children learn techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfilment, they can navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s non-competitive. Fostering cooperation and compassion instead of opposition. Celebrating some of the children leaving nursery this week and in readiness for the start their new adventures in pre-school we had a small party. Everyone joined in with singing, dancing, party games and making Rice Krispie cakes… yummy.

Next week – As the cookery is so popular next week will focus around this. We will be making some yummy treats including cookies, cakes and fruit kebabs. We will also be exploring another medium to write in, sand.