Early Years News and Events

Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on August 30, 2019

Important dates:

Monday 2nd September- Baby Unit, Nursery, Pre-School and School ARE CLOSED for an inset staff training day.

Tuesday 3rd September- Pre-School and School will be closed for continued inset training.

Wednesday 4th September- the Pre-School and School begin the Autumn Term.

Friday 25th October- begins half term for Pre-School and the School (break up on Thursday 24th October)

Friday 13th December- All departments close at 12noon

Monday 15th December- Scamps begins for Pre-School and School children. Babies and Nursery opens as normal.

Tuesday 24th December- close at 1pm for the Christmas break

Thursday 2nd January- Babies and Nursery re-open.

Changes to staffing for this new School Year….It is with great pleasure that we welcome into the Baby Unit Courtney Powell. Courtney has lots of experience in childcare and has been qualified for over 7 years. She comes highly recommended to us from a nursery in Bradford on Avon. We are all very pleased she is joining our team. Sarah Brankin moves to the babies from the Pre-school Owl Class, Sarah is a calm, caring practitioner who will enhance the team. Hannah is very excited to make the move from Babies to join Laura and Leanne in the Hedgehog class. A happy, friendly qualified practitioner Hannah will bring lots of enthusiasm and great ideas. Chloe and Lutz Mae remain as the Squirrel’s practitioners but will be joined from October by Isabelle Hancock who is returning after her maternity leave. Sabena and Martine stay with the Acorns and will be joined in November by Hayley Andoniou who also returns to us after a maternity leave.  We are also lucky to have Serena in Nursery who works across all classes. What a fantastic year we are going to have with all these talented early years’ practitioners.

Babies… have continued to focus on communication and language skills, expanding the children’s repertoire of new words, sounds and recognition. We provided a variety of sensory play activities from shaving foam to water play. The children really enjoyed adding the dinosaurs and natural materials to the damp sand. These activities provided new textures for the children to explore with and it was a great way to extend the children’s communication and language skills as we spoke about how the different texture felt, what noises the dinosaurs made? And how many dinosaurs could we count in the sand? The children have also shown a strong interest in the building blocks this week, seeing how many bricks they could use to build a tower before they all came tumbling down. This provided us with a great opportunity to support their mathematics development and also their hand eye co-ordination.

This Week’s News

Next week – We will be welcoming some new babies into the Baby Unit. We will provide all the children with new experiences and support which help them develop a positive sense of themselves and of others and have respect for others we will be spending time socialising in small groups indoors. We will also continue to explore outside, this will enable the children to investigate their new outside environment and extending their learning opportunities further.

Acorns… have been settling in to the temporary classrooms while the nursery bathroom is being decorated. The children have all coped very well with this transition and have enjoyed the chance to be ‘In the Owls’ class. They have enjoyed exploring the toys from the other rooms and learning where they go at tidy up time! We would like to welcome the new children and their families to Acorns class and we look forward to working alongside and giving them the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. We would also like to wish our children moving up to Squirrels and Hedgehogs the very best of luck in their new classrooms and we are looking forward to seeing them grow and develop into confident individuals. Remember we are only next door if you need a hug or a chat. We would also like to thank Jenna for all her hard work and support of all the rooms in Nursery.  We wish you lots of luck on completing your final year at college and look forward to seeing you in the future!

Next week-will be all about transitions into the Acorns room and helping the children meet new friends and get to know their rooms by exploring their surroundings through play. We will be observing each child’s interests and working on planning activities as-well as next steps based on individuals stages of development and we are looking forward to starting the new term.

Hedgehogs…have been enjoying music and movement within the classroom this week. The children have been learning to Cha-Cha slide and following the actions within the Superman song! Outdoors we have been creating all sorts of concoctions in the mud kitchen. They have collected natural materials from the nursery garden to mix together. This has led to us using our senses to explore the smell, appearance and texture or various herbs and plants within our outdoor environment. It has been a week full of farewells for our Pre-School leavers! We wish you all the best of luck in your new classrooms and settings and know that you will love every minute of your Pre-School adventures!

Next week – We welcome lots of new children to the Hedgehog class next week! We will be focusing on getting to know each other and spending lots of time carrying out group games and activities to encourage the children to mix with their new classmates and create friendships!

Squirrels…This week the children have enjoyed a party to celebrate children’s moving on to preschool. They have taken part in party games and been treated to cake and chocolate. We have been exploring Owls class and discovering new toys and they have loved it! We have also been welcoming new children into to nursery and exploring new friendships.  We have concentrated on social development and discussed how we can help others.

Next week- is the start of the new School year and we welcome all the new children and families. We will be focusing on getting to know each other and spending lots of time carrying out group games and activities to encourage the children to mix with their new classmates and create friendships!