Early Years News and Events

Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on November 1, 2019

Important Dates    
4th November 2019 Monday The School and
return after Half Term
4th November 2019 Monday Nursery
Parents Evening 6pm (Appointment only)
9th November 2019 Saturday FOSS Firework Night
13th November 2019 Wednesday Pre-School
Parents Evening 4pm (Appointment only)
15th November 2019 Friday Children In Need
30th November 2019 Saturday FOSS Christmas Fayre 11am
3rd December 2019 Tuesday Pre-School
Nativity Play 9.30am
10th December Tuesday Early Years
Christmas Party and
Magic Show
13th December 2019 Friday All departments will
close at 12noon today.

Pre-School and SchoolChristmas Holidays
19th December 2019 Thursday Nursery Mince Pie and Mingle 2.30-3.30pm
20th December Friday Baby Unit
Stay and Play

Cultural diversity in the Early Years

Young children today are being raised in a society with many sources of cultural diversity. The beliefs and values of the world’s religions and cultures are expressed in many ways including many different festivals and celebrations. These play a highly significant role in the lives of many children worldwide, as part of their developing life in the family, community and wider society, nurturing their sense of identity, their values and their beliefs. Through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we value the role that festivals and celebrations play in supporting all children’s learning and development and in helping understand the shared aims of human values throughout.

Through religious festivals, children can learn and relate to the events and often the moral told in festival stories. We ensure that everything is explained through simple language and activities that befits a child’s age and stage of development. This autumn term has already provided us with some fabulous opportunities to enhance the children’s learning, embracing the ‘Chinese New Moon’, ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘Harvest Festival’, ‘Diwali’, ‘Hallowe’en’. We have come to understand that many festivals are perfectly attuned to children’s sense of wonder at the natural world. Many stories told at festival time emphasise a reverence for nature, for example, the story of the early life of the Buddha at ‘Wesak’. Such stories are ideal for giving your children opportunities to develop being curious, enthusiastic, engaged and sometimes quiet! Listening to stories at festival time helps children develop a sense of right and wrong, as they re-tell and re-enact the stories. Play materials, books and other resources are offered in a constructive way that reflects how young children learn about culture and cultural identity. Celebrations are also ideal for encouraging children to look for, and to talk about, kindness and to celebrate one another’s achievements while nurturing an enjoyment of sharing. At Silverhill we provide an imaginative approach to helping children experience both festivals and celebrations by supporting children to explain to others, through pictures, language or resources  how they celebrate a festival or take part in a celebration. Our aim will always be to develop a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem and their awareness of, and respect for, others’ beliefs. Alongside this a sense of the passing of time in relation to festival seasons can be recognised, and children can use all of their senses when finding out about, and making their own different festival foods, fabrics and artefacts. They can also express their ideas and feelings about festivals and celebrations in a variety of creative ways, including music, dance and role-play. By offering our children the opportunity of sharing the joy of others’ festivals and celebrations we give them a gateway into a world of mutual understanding and shared human values.

Where possible, we invite visitors to talk about their own experience with respect to both festivals and celebrations…. please feel you can approach us if you wish to support this by coming in to show items, dance, read, share knowledge or play music. The children are waiting!