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Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on November 29, 2019

3rd December 2019, Tuesday– Pre-School Nativity Play 9.30am

  • Please park with care and cutesy to others.  Please do not park on the grass. If at all possible please walk, car share or park away from the site to avoid congestion.
  • Money Collection for the Bristol Homeless Charity
  • Mince pies and coffee after the performance- please join us

9th December, Monday–Early Years Christmas Party and Magic Show 9.30

13th December 2019,Friday–All departments will close at 12 noon today

13th December 2019, Friday–Pre-School and School Christmas break up

                 All departments will close at 12noon today

19th December 2019, Thursday– Nursery Mince Pie and Mingle 2.30-3.30pm

  • Please park with care and curtesy to others.  Please do not park on the grass. If at all possible please walk, car share or park away from the site to avoid congestion.

20th December 2019, Friday–Stay and Play, Christmas Party Babies 9.30-11.30am

  • Please park with care and curtesy to others.  Please do not park on the grass. If at all possible please walk, car share or park away from the site to avoid congestion.

Babies…Wow what a busy and exciting month we’ve had. We have been celebrating a variety of festivals including Diwali, bonfire night, Remembrance Day and Children in Need. The children have taken a strong interest in sensory play so this month and we have provided a variety of sensory activities for them to explore and investigate including scented play dough and yoghurt play. Providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory play’ is crucial to brain development. This in turn leads to a child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks and supports their cognitive growth, language development, gross motor skills, social interaction and problem solving skills. Sensory activities extends children’s exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. The children really enjoyed exploring with a variety of sized vehicles in the sand on the floor. They liked moving the vehicles through the sand, discovering this created a range of marks and patterns. Some children spent time scoping up the sand with their hands and tipping it on top of the vehicles to see what would happen. This activity was a great social opportunity as the children played and interacted together. Sand exploration is also a great way to encourage and strengthen their large muscles as children use these muscles to dig, pour, scoop and shovel the sand. As the children were scooping and pouring this was also improving their hand-eye coordination. We have also enjoyed some lovely autumn walks around the grounds this month and the children have adored the space to explore. We have been looking at the changes in the colours of the leaves and had lots of fun jumping in muddy puddles. We have also been spending time looking, touching and collecting a variety of natural materials and adding it to our mud kitchen, the children were fascinated in mixing and combining the materials with mud and water. Toward the end of this month we started a new programme of forest school activities with the children. This will now take place every week. We hope you are all able to come to the Stay and Play/ Christmas Party in the Baby Unit on Friday 20th December at 9.30 – 11.00am. We would like to invite you and your child to join in the fun and get to know other families. Please confirm your attendance with Nicola Lee. Parents of the children moving on to Nursery the following month will have the opportunity to meet the Nursery team and have a look around the setting afterwards.

All Nursery Classes…Over the past few weeks we have been starting to talk about Christmas. Within our classes, we have looked at how the weather changes as we move closer to winter and how it is important to keep warm. Especially by wearing their coats, hats, scarves and gloves. The children have been practicing independent skills by learning the coat trick, as well as helping their friends with their coat zips! We have also moved our diddy dance sessions to the garden and have talked about how we can move around to get our hearts pumping to help us keep warm!  With Christmas fast approaching, the children decorated the Christmas tree. They will be given different opportunities to show their various interests through craft activities, such as; making ornaments, singing songs, telling stories and sharing experiences. Don’t forget, over the next few weeks, we have lots of exciting events and activities coming up with the Christmas party and the Mince Pie and Mingle! We hope to see you all there! (check the dates above to confirm days and times).

Acorns… On November 18th we welcomed both Bonnie and Ellie to the Acorn team. They have arrived full of fabulous ideas to share. We have been exploring the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. Using this as a catalyst for development we have been providing activities and props that will stimulate your child’s imagination and learning.  Looking at Mathematical development we have counted, sorted, compared at any opportunity. Using real dried porridge oats and three different sized bowls the children were able to estimate how much porridge would fit into each bowl. We focused on Big and Little but talked about being middle sized, comparing all three from chairs to ourselves. We used threading, gluing, painting and colouring to develop fine motor skills and took part in drama and role play to enhance language and build confidence. This week the Acorns have been exploring their senses and have made exciting sensory bags, filled with different Christmas scents, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. They have also worked together as a team, to make a giant snowman advent calendar, which they have proudly displayed on their wall! They have been cutting and sticking lots of different fabrics to make their snowman, incorporating shapes into their learning by discussing the shape of the snowman’s head and nose.

Squirrels… “I did it!” each child from Squirrels Class announced as they each put on their coats and footwear unaided. What a wonderful confidence boost this has been and has really developed their independence. The children’s hard work and patience has paid off as they demonstrate how they are mastering the “coat-trick” and putting on their wellington boots more independently. In mid-November, the children chose their preferred reading book, “Keeping Running Gingerbread Man” by Steve Smallman. The children’s communication and language skills has been a focus as they join in repeating familiar phrases and verses during read times. Using this story to explore memory and sequencing the Squirrels have taken part in acting out the story, learning different characters while extending this to their own role-play using masks as props. The children are singing and counting the rhyme “Five Little Gingerbread Men Laying on a Tray”. This has reinforced counting with particular emphasis on subtraction in its simplest form. Cooking salt-dough and making Gingerbread men, the children practiced scooping, adding, measuring and manipulating, what fabulous results. The Squirrels welcome a new practitioner, Megan who has fitted straight in and is showing the children her creative talents. The month has flown by and this week the Squirrels have explored salt dough, by mixing, pouring, cutting and baking their individual baubles. As well as using twine to wrap candy canes, sticking googly eyes onto gingerbread men and using lolly pop sticks to make triangle shaped trees! A great way to support and develop our fine motor skills.

Hedgehogs… have embraced the wet weather and looked at the rain fall and the cold weather. We explored safety in a big way by liking this to all the events this month. Diwali and Guy Fawkes allowed us to talking to the children about the dangers of fireworks and how to keep safe while still enjoying the spectacle, Remembrance Day let us celebrate people who have helped us and discuss the dangers of guns, while cookery we chatted about using special gloves to move hot things and staying away from hot ovens. Safety in Forest School continues weekly and the children learn boundaries when using saws, hammers and drills. Alongside this language and fine motor skills have been a focus with the children taking part in conversations, following instructions, drawing, cutting, sticking and painting many different things. With Christmas around the corner the children have been incorporating maths into their play, by stacking boxes on top of each other, to make a giant snowman. They spoke about how all three boxes were different sizes, with the body being the biggest box and the head being the smallest box! They have also been exploring the texture of tinsel and baubles.

Bunnies and Owls… What a busy month we’ve all had. The children started looking at phonic sounds and letters and we have already successfully practiced ‘a’, ‘d’, ‘s’, and ‘m’. Thank you for providing the toys and objects for the tables, it really does help your child relate words to sounds. Please keep these coming. The children have experienced technology with the electronic writing boards and had great fun creating their own words. Both classes have introduced lots of number rhymes to reinforce the numbers, addition and subtraction skills. Alongside this they have studied ‘Birds’ using books to find types, I pads to listen to calls and making feeders to ensure the birds can survive through the winter months. There has been lots of matching games, estimation and space recognition to extend their mathematical understanding. Forest School has concentrated on using one handed tools correctly and with care, and some of your children have been sawing logs themselves to create wonderful decorations for you. This month with Christmas approaching another focus has been on listening, memory and confidence as we learnt the words and actions to various songs both in English and Spanish in preparation for the Nativity performance next Tuesday. The children have built up a repertoire of new songs to confidently sing to you while celebrating differences in culture and religion.  Building the children’s confidence has helped them prepare for new situations ahead and in meeting unfamiliar people.  They now understand the Christmas story and have used this in role play, drama and craft activities to celebrate this festival. They are learning about helping others and understand that after the play a money collection will be done to help people who aren’t lucky enough to have a home.  Money will go to the Homeless Charity in Bristol.

Parents are welcome to take photos but please can we remind you these MUST NOT be put on any social networking sites.

Mince Pies after in Dining room, please join us.