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Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on December 20, 2019

Important Dates

24th December 2019 – Tuesday- Baby unit and Nursery close at 1pm for Christmas

2nd January2020- Babies and Nursery re-open.

Babies…Wow what an exciting, challenge and festive few weeks we’ve had.We have been getting into the Christmas spirit through a variety of activities from salt dough making to re telling Christmas stories with props. This past month we have been focusing on mark making and have been encouraging the children to make marks through a variety of activities. Mark making is much more than just a scribble! Babies and toddlers learn and begin to make sense of the world through mark making. It is the beginning of a child’s journey towards writing and is an important step in a child’s development for handwriting, creativity and coordination. Initially children take pleasure from the physical activity of mark making, but as they develop, they realise that they can control their marks and their creativity starts to thrive. Young children have a natural desire to explore and experiment. They relish in the sensory and physical experience of mark making. We added a light layer of flour to the tuff tray along with Christmas cutters and brushes. The children remained engaged and fascinated in the activity for a long period of time. They were able to use the cutters and press them into the flour, discovering this made a mark, they also used the brushes and glided them up and down through the flour to experience a different way of making marks. It was also a fantastic opportunity to challenge the children’s number awareness, counting how many Christmas trees and stars we could see. The children also showed great social skills, sharing the tools available and also smiling and babbling with pleasure to each other throughout. It was lovely to watch. Up in babies we start every morning with a ‘music & movement’ session. This had proved a hit with the children and practitioners. After our welcome song we all get up and spend a short period of time joining in to actions songs. The children find it great fun to move their bodies to music and are able to follow the instructions from clapping and stretching to walking around on tip toes and galloping like horses. We will continue with our ‘music and movement’ session every morning. Returning in the new year some of the older children will be moving down to nursery, we hope they all have a fantastic time and we look forward to hearing how they are progressing in their new chapter. The new year also brings new children to the baby unit. Next month we will be focusing on settling the new children in and look forward to spending lots of time getting to know them and their families. 

From all of us up in babies we would like to thank the children and parents for our lovely Christmas cards and gifts. We wish you all a very merry Christmas & a Happy New year.

Acorns… have been very busy exploring messy play. They have used salt dough to stimulate their senses, mixing the dry ingredients, adding liquid, squeezing, squashing, pulling and rolling it. They then used cutters to make Christmas decorations to take home.  They have also joined in making both a snowman and Christmas trees. We painted and stenciled looking at the shadows formed. We have created baubles, role played and generally played together as a group. Looking at the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Tree Bears’ they are remembering repeated refrains, key words, and enjoyed using props to act out the story. All this has helped their confidence to grow. We have had lots of visits from the new children moving to the Acorns in January and the present Acorns who are moving to Hedgehogs or Squirrels have been visiting their new classes.

May we wish you all A Happy Christmas and a Successful New Year.

Hedgehogs…This month we have been focusing on Christmas. We have had lots of different events going on throughout December, we had the Christmas party which was lots of fun. We had Christmas dinner and special man come to visit us and we had a special treat from him.
The children have done fantastic with their singing for mince pie and mingle. Thank you to all that attended. The children have done lots of special gifts for mummies, daddies and grandparents in their special Christmas bags, hope you like them all. The children had been enjoying turning over the advent calendar to see what activity we would be doing on that day. They helped to make a winter wounded land with an igloo, they have been using there imaginations lots and Elsa and Anna and frozen going on. The children did great skills in using the scissors to make their own icicles to place in the winter wonder land, they also made snowball which was lots of fun. We have explored the play dough adding lots of different smells to it. The children have explored the water with petal and Christmas smells. We have been exploring the ice and breaking the animals that got caught in the ice, using different tools to break the ice.

Leanne, Laura, Hannah and Becky would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, enjoy the break and see you all in 2020.

Squirrels…Over the last 3 weeks, the Squirrels class have been really busy doing lots of Christmas crafts which includes: tree decorations, cards, calendars, painting pictures of Santa and making candy canes decorations. These activities develop children’s creative and fine motor skills. The children have been engaged at play in the new Construction Area. They are learning: the names of the different tools, use the tools safely and develop their fine motor skills. The Construction Area also provides the opportunities for the children to learn Sharing, Taking Turns by asking and using the Sand Timer. Building their own towers, cutting logs and pretending to fix things around the room are among the children-initiated activities. The Squirrels have been improving their fine motor skills and developing their hand-eye coordination through Mark Making. They drew shapes and traced Christmas pictures. The children communicated what their pictures were. The children practiced various Christmas songs for Mince Pie and Mingle which they wonderfully sang yesterday.  We wish to extend our gratitude to all the parents who came along.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!