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Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on January 10, 2020

Why Silverhill School is an excellent choice.

This week, I thought I would discuss the prospect of choosing a school for your child, as it’s something you will all need to consider whether it is this year or within the next couple of years. Selecting the school you would prefer your child to attend is an important decision with applications for this coming September needing to be submitted for state schools by 15 January 2020. Most children start school full-time the September after they turn 4, however in special circumstances some children born between 1 April and 31 August can start the September after they turn 5. Silverhill values each child as an individual and looks at their needs and challenges to ensure they reach their full potential.

Starting school is a big step and children can feel a bit anxious as well as excited. If you are enthusiastic about your child starting school, this sends your child the positive message that school is exciting and that they will cope and have fun. Moving from Pre-School to Reception at Silverhill does just that; it is a seamless process as they already know the class teachers, have many opportunities to familiarise themselves with the class room and feel empowered long before September comes. We offer families living within or moving into the local area a well-established and family-orientated school that provides children, from an early age, with an excellent and happy start to their education.

Silverhill firmly believes that the care and education of pupils must be based on an open and harmonious relationship between school and parent and is a shared responsibility in which all the staff at Silverhill are privileged to play their part.We are built around open communication and it is a priority to involve parents in this community. From parent-teacher meetings, social events, parent forum and the participation in Foss for fundraising initiatives, you as families become an integral part of your child’s education. This common ground also helps strengthen parent-child relationships.

Silverhill has a reputation for maintaining high standards for behaviour and respect which has been successfully enhanced by our strong sense of community. This of course also has a positive impact on the quality of the children’s educational experiences and achievements. The discipline they learn will improve their rates for success now and in future education.

We have a dedicated team of teachers who are both highly qualified and passionate about education. Children have close relationships with their teachers who act as role models. The small class sizes means the greater staff-to-child ratio allow for more effective observation and control. We aim to offer the children every opportunity to explore the world and come to understand their place within it through a broad-based curriculum. With inspiring teachers and many ways to enhance their educational experience through Sports, Arts, Music, Drama and Forest Skills, the children are able to develop their potential in a variety of disciplines. They have a vast grounds to stimulate outdoor learning which includes a forest school to encourage the children to learn about nature, a field for a variety of different sports, a playground where painted games such as hop scotch can be enjoyed, incredible climbing equipment and quiet shaded areas for reading, social interactions and outdoor lessons. We are committed to using the grounds to support the learning of all the children throughout the year.

We can provide:

  • Exceptional care
  • Outstanding outdoor facilities
  • The academic standards.
  • Smaller class sizes
  •  Extracurricular activities, including a wide range of sports, music, drama, debating and dance.
  • Time for Parents
  • Emphasis on developing skills such as debating, leadership, compassion and resilience.
  • A well rounded education to take children into successful adulthood.

If you would like to discuss reserving your child a place at Silverhill please do not hesitate to contact us.