Early Years News and Events

Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on February 27, 2020

Future Events

  • Thursday 5th March World Book Day– Babies and Nursery Wear PJ’s and bring a bedtime story/ Pre-School come dressed as your favourite book character and bring the book to read.
  • Friday 27th March Baby Unit ‘Stay and Play’ session 9am-10am.
  • Friday 27th March last day of Spring Term-Pre-School only
  • Monday 30th March until Thursday 9th April –Scamps for Pre-School
  • Friday 10th until Monday 13th – Babies, Nursery and Scamps closed for Easter Weekend
  • Tuesday 14th until Friday 17th –Scamps for Pre-School
  • Monday 20th April- Pre-School and School inset Day
  • Tuesday 21st April- Pre-School and School back to school.

Babies…Babies have had a busy week, starting the week with Pancake Day celebrations, the children helped to make their very own pancakes by mixing the batter with a variety of utensils including spoons and a whisk. They then got to choose their toppings from raisins, chocolate buttons, strawberries and banana and enjoyed them at snack time. We watched a short video on a family that celebrated Pancake Day by having pancake races, in the afternoon we made some pancakes using playdough and the children enjoyed flipping them into the air. The older children in the toddler room have continued to enjoy forest school, focussing on the Stick man story, each child enjoyed finding their own special stick as we listened to the story sat on the logs around the fire pit. We have been exploring the grounds in search of spring flowers, finding some lovely daffodils growing, the children were quick to point them out with many of them recognising the colours. It’s lovely to see that spring is on the way!

Hedgehogs…Hedgehogs have had a busy month! We started off the month exploring different flowers, from the texture of the different coloured petals along with the different scents that the flowers produced. Hedgehogs had a lovely sensory tuff tray with flowers in along with water, we even did painting with them! We celebrated Valentine’s Day by talking about the different things in which we loved, from our family members to a favourite toy. Hedgehogs made a special card for someone they loved as well. Hedgehogs made some yummy pancakes with lots of different toppings on Pancake Day. Everyone really enjoyed there pancake yum yum! This sparked conversation the next day about the pancakes they had at home which was lovely to hear, even if one said they enjoyed their pancake with carrots and cheese. 

Have you met Henry the hedgehog yet? Henry the hedgehog is a special teddy bear in which each member of hedgehogs will have a turn at taking him home for the weekend. We would love to make a display about all of his adventures with your child so get snapping away. All we ask is for you to upload the pictures to your tapestry so we can share these pictures, don’t worry he comes with his own sleeping bag, comb and toothbrush. Beccie, Leanne and Hanna are making a new home corner for all hedgehogs to enjoy and if you have anything you would like to donate to this, we would really appreciate it. We would also like to welcome to new friends to hedgehogs this months. 

Squirrels…We have been very busy this month with Valentines, Pancake Day and being kind friends. We have focused a lot on what makes us a kind friend, we have read some lovely stories including ‘Will you be my friend’ and ‘Squirrels who Squabbled’
We have done a lot of role modelling what is kind and how we can make our friends happy. The children have been sharing, taking turns and some have even bought in some treats to share with their friends so thank you very much.
The children really enjoyed talking about how much they love their special grown-ups at home and made some love heart crafts. We also talked about the colours and we ordered the hearts by size. The children were very lucky and had pancakes as a treat on Pancake Day they talked about how yummy they were.
We have also been using our physical development lots in the hall, doing some 5 minute move exercises, dancing, climbing and playing with the balls.

Bunnies and Owls…Following the children’s interests both classes have been creating with junk modelling, which incorporated lots of mathematical language, gross and fine motor skills and imagination.  The owls followed this on once the activity had finished by deciding which recycling bins the remainder should go in.  They also went on a litter picking walk which the children thought was great fun.  Both classes have started look at the signs of spring, going on walks around the grounds to see what flowers are beginning to shoot up.  The bunnies had lots of fun experimenting with musical instruments and the different sounds they make.  The bunnies then went on to make their own musical shakers, which included quantity language to see the variation in sound. In PE the children had pancake races, with real pancakes which was lots of fun and various other team games.  The bunnies have returned after half term to provide a new role play area ‘Builders Yard’.  The children have been learning to work together, using different tool names and finding out the role of a builder.  This encouraged lots of mathematical language such as weight, length, shape, size etc.  The bunnies piloted a new initiative letting children choose their own books to take home to share with family and friends reinforcing how important it is to read with your children.  It has been a great success and hopefully this will be available to the owls as of the beginning of March.