Early Years News and Events

Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on March 6, 2020

Future Events

  • Monday 9th March-Friday 13th March Sports Relief when all the children will be active and join in lots of different sport activities.
  • Friday 27th March Baby Unit ‘Stay and Play’ session 9am-10am.
  • Friday 27th March last day of Spring Term-Pre-School only
  • Monday 30th March until Thursday 9th April –Scamps for Pre-School
  • Friday 10th until Monday 13th – Babies, Nursery and Scamps closed for Easter Weekend
  • Tuesday 14th until Friday 17th –Scamps for Pre-School
  • Monday 20th April- Pre-School and School inset Day
  • Tuesday 21st April- Pre-School and School back to school.

Working in partnership with you as parents is paramount to your child’s learning and development. At Silverhill we pride ourselves in our collaborative approach to this, with each child allocated a ‘key person’ who holds the unique knowledge of their needs and the understanding to help your child learn and develop through their own interests.

The relationship between yourself, your child and the key person begins from day one. In order to build the positive attachment that will lead to your child feeling secure and confident it is important that they see and recognise your acceptance of their key person. As your child’s first educator, it is you who knows your child best and this is why we place such high emphasis on working together.

Within the educational world you may have heard the term ‘cultural capital’. This term is defined as the ‘essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for future successes’. As families and individuals we all bring with us a particular set of different backgrounds, characteristics and needs. Capital is something that is accumulated over time and can be exchanged in order to benefit life in some way. The greater the investment parents can make towards their child’s learning and development, then the more likely the child is to be school-ready. The key responsibilities within any teaching and learning intentions are to experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live. This highlights the importance of information sharing between parents and key persons. Engaging in a conversation with your child’s key person can often produce useful information about new interests or experiences that can be used to plan exciting and challenging learning opportunities and further create activity ideas that can be shared with you to do at home. Therefore, informing us of changes in your child’s life, visitors you may have had to your home, trips you may have been on to places both local or far away will all enhance your child’s experiences and help us build a holistic picture to capture, challenge and extend development.

As early years’ practitioners, we have a fundamental responsibility to understand what funds of knowledge children are bringing to their learning. This helps us understand the things that excite, inspire and motivate them to see and experience awe and wonder we have already mentioned. Funds of knowledge are a cultural resource that we can use to help children make sense of their world. If we provide learning experiences that relate to children’s own social worlds, then we can respond meaningfully to children’s ongoing interests and inquiries. We can utilise these opportunities to help expand their vocabulary, as well as encourage the development.

We recognise how busy parents can be and understand that it may not always be possible to engage in a daily conversation with practitioners. However, Tapestry, the online learning journal that we use offers a solution and builds a very special record of your child’s experiences, development and learning journey throughout their early years. The communication between us provides a shared understanding of how your child can reach their full potential. With the use of videos and diary entries from home and nursery we can ‘weave’ a story allowing the Tapestry platform to work seamlessly to enable these memories to be kept as a permanent record of your child’s unique journey.