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Friday 7th October 2016


Forest School morning- Saturday 15th October 10.00 – 12.00pm.

Pre School Westonbirt Trip- Wednesday 19th October.

Early Years Halloween Party- Thursday 20th October 3.00 – 3.30pm. Tickets from FOSS shop £2

(The usual Staff will be with the children for the party)


This Week– We have been very lucky as we were able to watch an old student of Silverhill, fly a helicopter into the school grounds. We were able to meet the pilot, have pictures taken of us enjoying our experience looking in and around the helicopter. We have also experimented with different ways to make marks outside using food colouring paint, water and chalk; using our fine and gross motor skills. We took lots of walks in and around the school looking at the changes in the trees and environment linking with autumn. We have also done some sticking using different coloured and textured materials allowing use to develop our fine motor skills. We also have a new play table where we have been able to find different ways of moving vehicles around the track.

Next week – We will be carrying on with our mark making where the children will be visiting our very own pretend ‘Weston-Super-Mare’ and they will be able to experiment with wet and dry sand, making marks with different equipment and their hands and feet. We will also be introducing our new starters and helping them to settle in to the baby unit. We will carry on exploring the outdoors in our wellies, visiting forest school and exploring the grounds of the school. This will allow us to look at different wild life, changes in weather and the environment which links to Autumn.

Please Remember– The baby unit opens at 8am and Closes at 6pm. Please ensure that your child has spare clothes and suitable clothing coats, hat etc. for going outside as it is beginning to get chilly.


This Week- We have been busy finishing off our autumn display, we made beautiful leaf people and enjoyed collecting conkers during forest schools. We looked at the different sizes and spoke about smaller and bigger. Acorns have also been lucky this week as we saw a helicopter land in our field, we enjoyed got the chance to have a closer look inside. We have also had someone visit from the hedgehog rescue centre, bringing a baby hedgehog with them for all the children to see. She spoke to us about keeping our environment clean and tidy to help the hedgehogs stay safe. The children have enjoyed joining in with ring games such as ring-a-ring-a-roses, sandy girl, and jumping bean. This helps to develop the children’s social skills by interacting with others and taking turns.

Next Week – We will be slowly starting our Halloween crafts. Acorns will be busy using some pegs to help the children’s fine motor skills and this activity will be carried out by the children’s interests. The children have shown a lot of interest this week in the sand, so we will be hiding lots of natural resources inside to help the children’s imagination.

Please Remember– To sign your child in and out each day. Also please provide appropriate winter clothing for outdoors including welly boots and puddle suits.


This Week – We have had lots of exciting visits at nursery this week! We had a helicopter land in the school grounds on Monday! The children were able to watch it land, have a look inside of the helicopter and ask the pilot lots of questions. We had a visit from Yvonne, the hedgehog lady on Thursday, she explained to the children all about how we can keep hedgehogs safe and how to adapt our gardens to attract them! Yvonne then showed us a baby hedgehog and explained about her spikes and why she rolls herself in to a ball. There will be lots of photos on tapestry of these visits soon. The hedgehog class made smoothies this week. The children were able to independently cut some soft fruits and place them into the blender, we spoke about the blade on the blender and the knives and how they are sharp and dangerous. The children loved drinking their smoothies at snack time!

Next Week – The children have shown an interest in water play recently so we will bring some of the cosy coupe cars in to the classroom and create a mini car wash using real water, soap and sponges. We will also be decorating some farmyard fairy cakes to continue our farm theme. The children will use icing pens and various sweets to decorate them. We will be going for a walk around the school grounds next week to collect some conkers for our classroom now that the children have started to notice them outdoors!

Please Remember– To sign your child in and out each day. Also please provide appropriate winter clothing for outdoors including welly boots and puddle suits.


This Week– We have enjoyed exploring scented playdoh, as well as decorating autumn leaves for our autumn display. We have loved going on nature walks to our school field and look at the herb and flower garden, collecting leaves and conkers to bring back to our classroom. With these we have been busy decorating conkers and doing conker rolling with paint. On Monday we were very lucky to have a helicopter visit, the children were able to watch it land, have a look inside of the helicopter and ask the pilot lots of questions. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from a hedgehog rescue centre, where we saw a family of hedgehogs and learnt more about the animals and how to keep our environment safe for hedgehogs.  We have adopted our own Hedgehog called ‘Stinky Pinky’.

Next Week- we will be talking about Halloween and slowly starting some fun Halloween crafts. We will also be continuing with our rewards tree, adding good achievement leaves to our tree

Please Remember– To sign your child in and out each day. Also please provide appropriate winter clothing for outdoors including welly boots and puddle suits.


This Week – We had a really exciting start to this week when an ex pupil of Silverhill School landed his helicopter on the playing field.  Each class had an opportunity to go over and see the helicopter close up and ask any questions of ‘Pilot Daniel’.  During this week the children have had an opportunity to feel and manipulate clay resulting in them being very creative and observant making their own spiky hedgehogs.  We will keep the hedgehogs on our autumn display and then they will be coming home to hibernate!  We have also watched a ‘Come Outside’ video all about a poorly hedgehog being taken to the hedgehog hospital – you’ll be pleased to know he made a full recovery!  On Thursday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Yvonne Cox from Hedgehog Rescue who brought in a real hedgehog for us to look at.  She gave a wonderful talk on habitat, hibernation and also discussed how we could keep the hedgehog safe in our own environment.  E.g. crushing our tin cans, picking up elastic bands and cutting any plastic rings and netting from our drinks and food packaging.  We have been practicing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ in Spanish and talking about Spanish greetings and numbers 1-10 when lining up.  Friday morning was a very busy morning, we made bread hedgehogs to finish off our topic of the week and we then went to forest school for an extra session to make the most of our autumn weather.  We even checked our own hedgehog house for visitors!

Next Week– We are going to be exploring our creative side, linking in with a whole school project ‘Take One Picture’.  This is an initiative run by the National Gallery in London and this year it is inspired by Peter Paul Rubens ‘A Roman Triumph’.  We would therefore really appreciate any items and collage materials that you may be able to bring in for us to use to inspire your little ones imagination.  We will be using the mornings next week to promote the painting and the children’s free creativity in making items inspired by the painting – in their own way of course!  Many thanks in advance for anything you can bring in.

Please Remember – Don’t forget our Forest School Open morning on Saturday 15th October (10am -12pm)


This Week– We have had a visit from Yvonne. She rescues poorly hedgehogs and nurses them better. She bought in a hedgehog for us to see and we talked about how we can keep hedgehogs safe and encourage them to our gardens. Hopefully your children will tell you all about it. In preparation for Yvonne’s visit we have spoken about hedgehogs and found out that they are really good swimmers! We watched a short clip from Auntie Mable, learning about hedgehogs. We learned that you should never give them milk or bread! We have used our fine motor skills to mould clay into hedgehog shapes, adding buttons for eyes and cocktail sticks for spikes. They are displayed on our Autumn display. Please come and have a look if you haven’t already! We had a visit from the helicopter. It was very exciting waiting and watching him land in the school field. The children couldn’t wait to get closer and have a look inside. We have explored shape and mathematical language, building villages from wooden bricks to go alongside our small world play and have been matching number by matching numerals and quantity using marbles. We have made hedgehog bread, manipulating the dough into a hedgehog shape and making snips in the dough with scissors to make spikes.

Next Week – We will be basing our week around ‘a Roman triumph’, a famous painting. We will join in the whole school project, competing for a chance for our work to be displayed in the national gallery. The children have noticed the animals in the painting and the fire. We will be providing a range of materials and junk modelling, allowing them to spend time on creating a masterpiece. Towards the end of the week we will head to forest school to light a fire. Please, if you have any boxes or materials we could use for this project it would be gratefully received.

Please Remember- The weather is getting colder, please can children bring necessary clothing as we would like to continue our outside play. Please can these items be named. If you have any favourite rhyming books please bring them in to share with the class, we are beginning to look at rhyming words, and books are a great way to learn!