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Before and After-School Care


Before and after school care, generally known as ‘Early and Late Room’ is available from when children join Pre-School through to Year 6.
Early Room runs from 8.00 – 8.30am, at 8.30am teachers will collect the children to take them to their classrooms. For a small charge, breakfast of toast or cereal is provided for those children who require it. During their time in Early Room, children are encouraged to read or free play with quiet activities.
After-school care or Late Room, starts at 3.45pm and runs until 6.00pm. An extra charge is applied to children collected after this time. Meals for Late Room can be pre-booked.
Early Room, breakfast, Late Room and tea are all charged a term in arrears.

Holiday Club – SCAMPS

Our holiday club SCAMPS is available for children from Pre-School age onwards during the school holidays, including the half terms.
Scamps operates between 8am-6pm and parents can also opt for morning or afternoon sessions. A hot two course lunch & tea can be booked in advance.
Our programme changes daily and we offer a wide variety of stimulating activities. These include art & crafts, Forest School, go-carting, cooking and sports, along with special visiting workshops and trips out.
Our focus is to ensure the children have a fun and enjoyable day.
For booking enquiries please contact the School Office on 01454 772 156.

Medical Conditions, Allergies and Dietary Requirements

When you register your child you will be asked to provide the school with information relating to any medical conditions, dietary requirements or allergies your child may have. The school will need this information in order to provide the appropriate care for your child.
Only prescribed medication can be administered with written parental consent. We have a strict policy for dealing with Epi-pens and inhalers. More information can be found in our Administering Medicines policy and Managing Children with Allergies or who are Sick and Infectious.

It Could Happen Here . . .

We live in a dangerous and unstable time. Despite the lovely rural surroundings we are keenly aware that we are not immune to disaster.
At Silverhill School we have a Crisis Management Team that monitors and manages our Emergency Plan. We hold regular fire and lockdown drills in which the children participate.

Parent Forum

We have a ‘Parent’s Forum’ which meets every term to discuss suggestions from parents and talk through the ideas to help develop our setting. Each year group has a parent representative.


FOSS (Friends of Silverhill School) run the school uniform shop which is situated in the school where you can purchase new and used uniform for your child/ren.  Please
click here to see a full list of our uniform.


ms-pi-foodWe feel that the social occasion offered by eating together plays a huge part in the happiness and well-being of our pupils, a welcome interlude from the demands of the busy school day, and a chance to try a variety of new things from around the world.
At Silverhill, we are committed to providing a fresh, modern and wholesome approach to food; one which provides for our pupils’ energy levels and nutrient requirements.
Our menus have been planned specifically to meet pupils’ needs so that they can focus on achieving their best, whether in the classroom or on the sports field.
All meals are freshly made onsite using farm-assured meat, sustainable fish and seasonal fruit and vegetables, often locally sourced, so you can be confident in the provenance of the ingredients being used and reassured that your child is getting wholesome and healthy choices.
Our menus, samples of which can be found below, are designed for the age of the children. They feature a superb choice of wholesome main courses and interesting puddings. A wide range of salad choices and fresh fruit is available daily and can be used to complement the main course. There is also ample choice for vegetarians and we take special care to provide for those with specific dietary requirements.


For this weeks menu click here

Dinner Menu

Year 6

SAT’s results

The SAT’s results are published in our Summer Term Newsletter.  Please
Click here to view our latest results.

Leavers’ Ball

ms-pi-leaversOne of the many highlights of the Key Stage 2 calendar is the Leavers’ Ball for Year 6 children. This is a magnificent evening organised by the parents of Year 5 in order that the Year 6 families can enjoy the event in its entirety without preparing food or washing dishes! The celebration also includes the children in Year 5 and Year 4, where the invitation extends to include Year 4 parents.
Year 6 children and their parents are welcomed with drinks, canapes and addresses by Mr and Mrs Capper, setting the tone for the night ahead. The evening itself is glamorous and formal where the boys wear suits and the girls become belles of the ball!
It is a themed event with matching invitations, menus and decorations. There is a full three course meal, followed by entertainment. During the course of the night, the Year 6 children have the opportunity to think about a time beyond Silverhill School and make their future wishes.
The Leavers’ Ball is a wonderful night for children and parents alike.

Reading List For Reception

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