Filed in Early Years Newsletters | Posted on July 25, 2019


This week we have continued to celebrate the children’s interest in books. We have been reading lots of stories and in particular some touch and feel sensory books. This has been a great way to support and extend the children’s language, communication and socials skills. We have also had lots of fun keeping cool in the hot weather from splashing in the paddling pool to bobbing boats in the water tray.
The children also enjoyed adding the dinosaurs and blue glitter to the water in the tuff tray. They found it great fun stomping the dinosaurs around the tray & watching as this made lots of big splashes, getting us all very wet! We have also taken an interest in some mark making activities. We used a variety of tools and spent lots of time exploring with chalks in the black tuff tray. The results were very effective and a great way to extend the children’s knowledge of colours and patterns. This also helped challenge their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

Next week
We are going to continue looking at colours and extended the children’s knowledge through a variety of activities including painting, puzzles and construction materials.


This week we have been chopping and grating vegetables including carrot, cucumber, tomato and lettuce. We took lots of photos as the children participated in this activity to record their concentration, enthusiasm and their reactions to tasting! We also explored pasta in its raw state and cooked. We used lots of language to describe its look and texture, we then added the chopped vegetables and other ingredients to make a yummy pasta salad. The children have also enjoyed water play this week outdoors, using sprinklers and paddling pools to keep cool.

Next week
As the hot weather changed our plans we will be making musical instruments planned for this week. To enhance water play we are collecting any small containers or dry foods such as lentils, dry beans and oats. If you could bring some in for us to use it will be much appreciated.


… This week we have been taking part in lots of activities around colours. We all designed and created our own fish to enhance a new ‘Rainbow Fish’ display. We have been reading the story as a group and the children have been discussing the characters and the story’s meaning. Throughout the week we have been adding to this display making sensory jellyfish using one handed tools. With scissors we cut out all the body parts of the jelly fish before joining them together. We have been practicing lots of pencil skills, writing over the letters of our names and holding a pencil with a tripod grip. We have been enjoying water play in our tuff tray with the fish, boats and shells! On Thursday we had a fun day with the paddling pool and water sprinkler getting very wet and keeping cool in the sunshine with all our friends.

Next week
-the children have asked to bake. Therefore, following their interests we are going to make some yummy treats with them. As the sunshine is out we are going to make some ice lollies giving us the opportunity for children to try different flavours. We will also be continuing with lots of water play activities to keep the children happy and cool in this warm weather!


…This week the children have had a water fun filled week with paddling pools sprinklers and slip and slide, to help cool down in this heat wave outdoors! Indoors we had fun with water balloons, bubbles and some water experiments. We have also had a brilliant morning welcoming parents to our forest school open morning, thank you for everyone who came!

Next week
– the children will be making their own ice pops. We will be learning about the different holidays people go on and what they get up to by opening our very own travel agents! The children will be taking bookings, discovering new destinations and modes of transport, We will be using brochures to help us describe and understand about different places.