A Bee’s Story

On July 4, 2019

Westonbirt Arboretum – 4th July 2019

Reception enjoyed a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum to finish our topic of Minibeasts. We travelled there in the school minibus and were able to park in the Forestry commission car park so the walk to the Education centre was very short. Once the children had hung up their bags and sorted out toileting, we all settled down in the shade for an introduction from ‘Caron’, our wonder Forestry Commission facilitator, for a story about bees and a snack.

We then went to look at some of the bee habitat around the Arboretum. We saw Foxgloves that bees favour and different bushes that bees visit for the nectar and pollen. We found the bee hives in the woods and watched the bees flying about from a distance. We learnt how to identify different types of bees and then made different models of bees using twigs, leaves and bark. Then we found a shaded avenue and played games that taught the children about the process of collecting pollen and how some of the pollen gets transferred to different plants as the bees go about their work. The children loved this and showed their keenness for running that they had shown on sport’s day.

At the end of the morning session the children got to try different types of honey drizzled on crackers! Delicious!! Then they made their own beeswax candle to take home.

After lunch in a shady spot, the children spent time playing in a lovely play area; climbing over tree trunk slides, huge tyre tunnels and giant, wooden, carved cones.  We then went off to explore the Arboretum; looking at different trees, exploring the shade underneath them and going through the ‘swishy-swashy’ grass! We walked across the tree-top bridge that gave all the children a good sight of the tree canopies and visited the den building area.

Finally, we reached the end of our trip and so we returned to the Education centre to collect our bags. Having done so well during the day and walked so far, the children deserved another round of snack biscuits (jammy dodgers this time!) and some more food from their lunch boxes as we rested in the shade, taking on water from our bottles.

It was a brilliant day and we were looked after so well by Caron and I am sure that Reception will be going back again one day!