Art Report

On December 10, 2018

End of Half-Term Plays
At the end of the Autumn half-term the children worked in their House teams to complete and perform three different plays linked to their history topics and the theme of term which was ‘Connections.’ This was an initiative that the staff wanted to trial where the idea of ‘Cross- phase teaching’ was tried and tested. The results were outstanding and the children had the opportunity to work with other children from different year groups. Mrs Davis’s group Dunster did a World War 11 play. The songs that were sung were very nostalgic and wearing the costumes of the time gave the children a real sense of what it must have been like then. Mrs Buckley’s group Windsor enacted a Viking play. There were some wonderful moments in the play, including the sailing-away of the boat ( the shields that were made for this scene gave it a real life effect ), the funny song by the women folk complaining about their husbands and the best scene of all was the story involving Ethan wearing a dress and Charlie asking him to be his wife! Mrs Bufton’s group Warwick did a funny Egyptian play which had a modern story entwined with an ancient story. The mummy song was really catchy and fun, the children on the quest gave lots of interesting information about ancient Egypt. The best part was the song about the Nile, where the children became the river, wearing shiny blue costumes and Daisy from Year 3 really took the lead and was in charge of the dance.

The children and staff worked really hard to produce three wonderfully creative plays in four short days. The idea of ‘Cross-phase’ teaching where children of different year groups working together was a real success. We have decided that we would like to do more of this style of learning as part of our continuing ‘Creative curriculum’, so watch this space for more amazing learning!

Story Teller
As part of the theme of our Autumn topic ‘Connections’, Mrs Shaw organised and invited a Storyteller to come along and share with every child in the school her unique storytelling talents. The children were mesmerised by the story, the singing, the music, the props. The question and answer time at the end of each session revealed how well the children had listened and how they were able to unleash their wonderful imaginations and share what they had been thinking about as the story unfolded. The children enjoyed this initiative so much and it gave them lots of ideas for their story-writing that Mrs Capper is keen to invite the Storyteller to Silverhill again.

Badminton Art Competition
Badminton School run an annual Art Competition in honour of a former pupil Mary Fedden who was an international artist. The competition has been running for the past five years and Silverhill have taken part on four occasions. This year the theme was to produce a piece of art of either an object or landscape that had a particular memory attached. This was a perfect theme as our Autumn topic was ‘Connections.’ Year 5 and 6 worked really hard and we did lots of still life as part of our development work. We also did some exploration of media and also used view finders to pick out detail in colourful flower paintings to learn about contrast of colours. We were once again very lucky and had two winners. Lulu from Year 6 produced an outstanding piece of work depicting her Great Grandfather’s medal. Mrs Bufton was particularly thrilled with this work as Lulu had used all the information about contrasting colours from one of the art lessons. She was awarded ‘Highly Commended.’ Jasper from Year 5 brought along his three toy tanks to draw and worked very hard to add great detail giving a feeling of the mechanical aspect of the tanks. He photocopied the tanks to make them different sizes and added a green camouflage background to make the tanks stand out. He was awarded ‘Runner Up.’ As part of the Art Competition Mrs Capper, Mrs Bufton and over twenty of our parents and pupils were invited to attend an afternoon tea with delicious cakes at the school and everyone really enjoyed looking at all the Art from the other schools that took part.

Design Technology  Club
In Design Technology club we had two sets of twelve children who had great fun making a selection of interesting things. We made an assortment of masks from African to Bird masks. The masks were 2-D and 3-D and used a variety of materials. The children really enjoyed working out what materials worked and what did not. We made all sorts of origami boxes of different sizes and shapes. We tried different sorts of materials and worked out how small and how large we could make the boxes with no glue! We made pop-up cards with lots of interesting themes from sharks to flowers. The last two sessions we made ‘Moving Models’ where we re-created Dragons, Monsters, Humpty Dumpty and all sorts of creative things using split pins.

Year 3 enjoyed exploring and finding out about the Arts and Crafts artist William Morris. They were able to have some wonderful, sunny afternoons in the school’s Roman garden sketching flowers and plants as part of their development work. They learned how to make prints by using cardboard stencils and they enjoyed using paint to make some very effective stencil paintings. They looked at Morris’s work and drew some beautiful flowers and plants – this work is in Mrs Bufton’s class and the work is outstanding for such young children. They then copied some of Morris’s wallpaper and Mrs Bufton chose the best four and reproduced this for everyone to colour in. The work the children did was very detailed so colouring this work was quite time consuming and helped the children learn to focus.

Year 4 did a Cross-curricular themed topic about the Egyptians and they produced a selection of wonderful work using lots of different techniques and media. They started off by drawing and painting Death Masks and finding out about the boy King Tutankhamun. They then researched about Mummification and made Papier Mache Canopic jars. And finally worked in pairs to produce some outstanding Egyptian collar jewellery which were then used in the end of term play. All of the work is displayed in the Art room for all to see.

Year 5 and 6 had lessons about ‘Still Life,’ and we looked at a range of still-life artists including Cezanne, Van Gough, Breugal and Gwen John. We drew and painted compositions including Organic collections (oyster shells, abalone shells, tree log with roots and bark), Ceramic collections, Glass collections and vases of flowers. Gillian from the dining hall was very patient when Mrs Bufton kept appearing in the kitchen to ask for a collection of items, including shiny, steel, metallic objects (cutlery, bowls and teapots) fruit and vegetables. Thank you Gillian! All of this work then culminated in a final piece that was then entered into the annual Badminton School Art competition.