Baby Unit and Nursery

On December 5, 2019

A quick look at some of the activities in the baby unit and nursery.

  • Bread Making- The children enjoyed kneading the bread, strengthening their finger muscles.
  • Building Relationships and communication- Using the voice tunnel in the garden, 2 children make conversation and take turn listening and responding.
  • Coloured Pompom- Strengthening her pincer grip using tweezers and pompoms.
  • Literacy Skills- Develops tri-pod grip to make marks.
  • Puddles- Children exploring the environment around them.
  • Water Play– Identifying sea creatures and comparing similarities and differences.
  • Coloured Pasta- Developing fine-motor skills, empting and filling pots and pans.
  • Making Relationships- Developing gross-motor skills, taking turns.
  • Conkers Mark Making- Notices different makes they make using different materials.
  • Mark Making– Scrimbling with flour to make marks.
  • Winter Walks Exploring and Winter Walks- Exploring the environment around them.