Bristol Old Vic Theatre visit

On December 4, 2019

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School visit

We were delighted to welcome Bristol Old Vic Theatre School on Wednesday 4th December. They performed their own version of the nativity play which the children loved! It included sheep, a donkey, shepherds and three wise men (one of whom was really a lady in disguise! Shhhhh!) There were many jokes and funny moments.  The set was used creatively to function as: a hillside, Herod’s Palace, Bethlehem and, at the journey’s end, a warm and safe stable.  For many of us it was a very moving performance. The actors (all young people) performed with excellence and the play encompassed all age groups with something for everyone.

The actors opened the show by singing many traditional Christmas carols – all acted out superbly and timed to perfection.  The comic timing throughout the performance was spot on and the children enjoyed the opportunity of joining in with the actions in ‘We Three Kings’ which included dabbing like Usain Bolt!  The music was accompanied by descant, tenor and, unusually, bass recorders and was a feast for the ears.  A thoroughly enjoyable performance.