Carnival Arts Week

On November 5, 2019

Arts Week

The 5th Biennial Arts Week went with a ….. bang, shake and a shimmy – literally! The theme was ‘Carnival,’ which was chosen to match our Autumn Cross-curricular theme of ‘Senses.’ The children had a great ‘end of term’ week finding out about the history of the Carnival and being very creative. Each year group had a specific colour given to them and all did really well making masks, head dresses, outfits and percussion instruments. There was so much learning and problem solving undertaken from music composition to finding out about the Roman empire to measuring fabric for outfits. Children from different year groups learnt about different kinds of festivals from around the world including Diwali in India, Day of the Dead in Mexico, Lantern festival in China, Carnevale in Venice, and a selection of British festivals including Whitsuntide (Pentecost) and Lent. The children were also able to discuss and understand the meaning of ‘heritage and culture,’ and enjoyed discussing their own families and their very interesting backgrounds.

Every child also had the opportunity to attend a dance workshop with Mrs Offer and Mrs Williamson – finding out about Samba and being able to learn the dance was truly amazing – our very own ‘Strictly Come Dancing!’ The children were also able to attend a workshop run by an experienced musician from ‘BrisArts’ called Jackson about the music of Samba with a selection of instruments – very noisy but very enjoyable. Jackson has visited Brazil on many occasions and was able to give the children lots of first hand information about the music used in the famous ‘Rio Carnival’ in Brazil.

The culmination of the children’s hard work was then put on display by a final noisy parade around the school on Tuesday and Thursday giving pupils an authentic experience of what it is like to be part of a Carnival parade.

Many thanks to all the hardworking staff involved in giving the children a fun, creative and noisy learning experience.

Mrs Bufton