Charity Decathlon

On March 28, 2019

Children really rose to the occasion Monday afternoon while tackling all kinds of challenges in order to raise money to buy some solar panels for Haven Home orphanage, a charity we have been championing for years. Best of all, everyone had a really good time spending the afternoon outdoors in this gorgeous weather.

Many parents came to encourage their children as they were tackling challenges. Very popular ones for KS1 were the scooter relay on the tennis court, throwing bean bags in hoops and apple bobbing. KS2 children had fun trying to score goals in the football net, throwing javelins, balls to knock out a pile of cups and even welly boots.

While success was not guaranteed, because challenges were so varied, including academic in many subjects like Maths, English, Science, Latin and French, every child manage to complete 10 challenges or more and should now be able to collect the promised money from their hopefully multiple and generous sponsors.

(Money should be brought back in school as soon as possible. Cheques should be written to Silverhill school so a global cheque can be given to Mr Poole by the school next term.)

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for participating, encouraging and sponsoring such meaningful charity.

France Bauduin