On November 15, 2019



This House believes that TV does more harm than good

Years 5 and 6 met to debate this contentious motion.

Those opposed to the motion argued:

TV: provides information on national and international matters of importance and interest to children as well as adults. It has educational programmes to give advice on home improvements, cooking, DIY, use of money, etc. It is comforting for those who may live on their own and are lonely. It is keeps you in touch with sporting events. It is an easy and inexpensive form of entertainment for all age-groups.

Those proposing the motion argued:

TV: can become addictive so that it takes the place of family and friends. It shows examples of violent and unfriendly situations which young people copy. It can waste a lot of time when you could be doing more creative or intelligent things. It often uses children to persuade people to buy products. A lot of what is shown is stupid and may even be harmful.

The voting:

  • For the motion: 10
  • Against the motion: 20
  • Don’t know: 2

The motion was defeated