On December 2, 2019


This House believes that Kindles are better than Books

Almost all the children had extensive experience of both books and kindles to draw on in their arguments. Those supporting the motion:

Kindles are lighter and more portable; choice of books to read on kindle is very extensive; books never go out of stock; excellent when travelling; trees are not cut down to make them; no loss of trees, which can damage air quality, to make paper; kindles have in-built dictionaries, etc.; kindles are better value for money.

Those against the motion:

Books have a nice musty smell; they are flexible to handle, flipping backwards and forwards through the pages; books can be shared and borrowed safely; books can have pictures and illustrations; maps are only available in books; use of varieties of colours; no need for electric power or batteries, which run out; books can be annotated; trees that are cut down for paper are immediately restored; after all, books are the original form of e-books/kindles.

The vote:

  • For the motion 14
  • Against 17
  • Don’t know 4

Verdict: The motion was defeated by a small margin in favour of books.