Debate for Years 6 and newcomers Year 6

On September 30, 2019

This was our first debate for some months, so it took a little while to gain momentum. It was also Year 5’s first debate.
Motion: ‘This House believes that zoos should be banned.’

The House began to see the issues more and more clearly as the debate progressed.

FOR: distress of young animals when being separated from their family and from their natural habitat; freedom of open spaces lost when in confinement; animals released from captivity would not survive if returned to freedom.

AGAINST: protection in zoos from premature death in the wild; protective environment from extinction for endangered species, especially those being hunted; zoos offer educational value to adults and children; full medical and nutritional care on hand in zoos.

The verdict of the House:

  • For the motion: 16;
  • Against: 17;
  • Don’t Know: 0

The motion was defeated.
This was the closest result ever recorded since the school started debating 13 years ago!

Well done to the main speakers and to the whole House. 27/09/2019