Debating Report

On July 4, 2019

On 4th July 2019 Years 5 & 6 debated this motion:

Should Britain keep the monarchy?

As the members of the house (the pupils) began to find their confidence and to discover that they did have an opinion on the monarchy, what followed was a remarkably active, well-informed and occasionally misinformed debate.
Those supporting the monarchy praised the work carried out by the queen and the royal family, naming their support of charities, their importance, both financially and socially, in attracting tourists, their personal sacrifices and total surrender of any privacy in their lives, their significant contribution to the welfare of the Commonwealth and to the country’s history. The corgi club was also mentioned!
Those not in support criticised the Royals’ lack of having a proper job, the word job being used frequently, although they derived considerable wealth from holding their position. This wealth would be paid for by ordinary tax-payers, like them.

The votes given reflected the support of the house for retaining the monarch and her household:
Voting in 2019

Yes: 26 No: 9 DK: 4

The same debate took place in 2016 with the following result:
Voting in 2016
Yes: 35 No: 3 DK: 1

These results may indicate a decline in support for the monarchy.