Food Debate

On March 16, 2019

This House believes that Silverhill School should serve one veggie only lunch per week.

This was one of the most vigorous and intelligent debates that Years 5 & 6 have argued since debates were introduced into the school years ago.

Some telling points:
For the motion:

Eating a variety or change of foods, not just meat or fish, is very healthy for the human body; an increase in consumption of vegetarian foods will spare the lives of thousands of animals; breeding cows, pigs and chickens to be killed solely for consumption was unfair to the animals concerned, who had a right to live a full, natural life; an exotic range of non-meat foods/vegetables is widely available, which is regularly ignored.

Against the motion:

At present Silverhill School offers food at lunch for both meat-eaters and vegetarians to choose from as they please; that choice should not be denied them at school; there is no need to remove meat from the meal, even though it is only one meal in the week; if the vegetarian diet takes over universally, animals like cows, chickens and pigs will overpopulate our territory; meat-eaters, whether young at school, or adult outnumber vegetarians significantly.
The vote was one of the closest ever recorded at school:

  • For the motion: 14
  • Against the motion: 15
  • Undecided: 11