Harvest Festival

On September 23, 2018

The children of Silverhill School have just celebrated the harvesting of food grown on our country’s land. Each year we invite our friend Martyn Poole, who has devoted almost 40 years of his life to taking care of the Bristol homeless and those in need, to share our celebrations with us.

This is what Martyn wrote afterwards: ‘I so look forward to being invited. We collect so many useful items for the Rough Sleepers in our City that with the help of friends we store the items and give them out when required. With the amount friends and families of Silverhill collect we have stocks of some items that last until Christmas.

It amazes me each year how generous people are at Silverhill and this is shown when we load the car after the Harvest. It makes the steering even lighter due to the amount collected. On behalf of Bristol Soup Run Trust and the Rough Sleepers in our City can I say “Thank You” to everyone.