On November 8, 2018

Is war effective in resolving conflict?

Years 5 and 6 held a debate on the effectiveness of war for resolving conflicts. The debate was held on 8th November 2018, three days and one century before 11th November 1918, the day on which the armistice, the cessation of arms, was signed, marking the end of WW1. This is celebrated each year at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

The debate, which was unprepared, was vigorous and well-informed. Although virtue in war itself was not praised, it was agreed that, if one country was entered forcibly by another, it had at least to defend itself. It was noted that armed conflict arose time and time again where occupying another’s land was the objective.

It was argued that, whatever the outcome, the damage to the countries involved and their inhabitants was considerable and the cost of recovery very high. History showed also that wars regularly followed conflict again and again.

It was observed that although the women in the countries involved were not required to take up arms, men were. However, women should have the right to choose if they wished to fight, as well as being engaged in other requirements for the war effort.

The mood of the house was recorded as:

Is war effective in resolving conflict?

  • YES – 5
  • NO – 14
  • DON’T KNOW – 21