Charity Decathlon

Created  March 28, 2019

Very popular ones for KS1 were the scooter relay on the tennis court, throwing bean bags in hoops and apple bobbing. KS2 children had fun trying to score

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Food Debate

Created  March 16, 2019

This was one of the most vigorous and intelligent debates that Years 5 & 6 have argued since debates were introduced into the school years ago.

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World Book Day

Created  March 7, 2019

Silverhill School celebrated World Book Day, as is our annual tradition.

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Shrove Tuesday

Created  March 5, 2019

It was great fun and the children enjoyed working altogether across the year groups and in their houses. Well done to everyone!

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Explorers Talk

Created  February 13, 2019

“I liked finding out about the Jaguar spirit and that the children were scared of the river dolphins” – Grace. Year 4

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High 5 Netball Match

Created  February 2, 2019

After 6 hard fought mini-games Silverhill won the match 7 – 3. I would like to congratulate all the team for their hard work, effort..

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Pen Licence

Created  January 30, 2019

However, the licence carries an undertaking on their part: to continue to use my neatest joined handwriting and to do this in all my books and worksheets

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Tag Rugby

Created  January 23, 2019

Silverhill participated in a tag rugby match against Frampton Cotterell Cof E

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