Carnival Arts Week

Created  November 5, 2019

Children from different year groups learnt about different kinds of festivals from around the world including Diwali in India, Day of the Dead in Mexico, Lantern festival in China, Carnevale in Venice, and a selection of British festivals including Whitsuntide (Pentecost) and Lent.

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Fireworks Night

Created  November 2, 2019

Over 400 guests joined to watch the fireworks. Children enjoyed rides, games, candyfloss and flashing musical swords, whilst adults enjoyed..

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Tag Rugby Tournament

Created  October 22, 2019

Silverhill School went to a Tag Rugby tournament in Bradley Stoke on the 22nd of October. Only a small group of children went.

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Created  October 15, 2019

The whole of the UK and the EU have for the last 4 years been in total confusion over this very issue. It has yet to be resolved.

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Art Article

Created  September 11, 2019

We had a go at decoupage with ready-made cardboard animals – there were lizards, piggy banks, dinosaurs and dogs! Zac tried out Gaudi designs on his lizard.

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Pollution and Engineering

Created  July 15, 2019

After an eventful few lessons we had some interesting discussions on air pollution. Everyone thought that the site of Silverhill School would be a low risk area and

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Pen licence

Created  July 10, 2019

An exciting moment when the young people receive their licence for using a pen in school. They are to be congratulated for their efforts.

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Leavers’ ball

Created  July 8, 2019

Goodbye and love to you all-enjoy your new school. You are always welcome here; you are part of Silverhill.

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