Christmas Lunch

Created  December 14, 2018

Many thanks to Tzema and his staff who love the children as part of their family.

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Art Report

Created  December 10, 2018

The children and staff worked really hard to produce three wonderfully creative plays in four short days.

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Silverhill Christmas Fayre

Created  December 1, 2018

With Santa making his annual appearance, the children eagerly awaited their turn to share with Santa their Christmas wishes

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ESFA year 5 and 6 Football

Created  November 21, 2018

It was a very fun experience to see what it was like and we were like Icebergs at the end and could not feel anything!

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Rugby Match Report

Created  November 13, 2018

The children that were in the team were Olivia from year 3, Aiden, Nia, Casey, Oliver, Mani, Lizzie and Katie in year 4.

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Remembrance Assembly

Created  November 9, 2018

The children really excelled themselves by honouring with sincerity and respect the memory of all..

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Created  November 8, 2018

Years 5 and 6 held a debate on the effectiveness of war for resolving conflicts

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Tag Rugby Tournament

Created  October 10, 2018

Silverhill were pressurising the opposition line, with the score balanced at 2 tries apiece…

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