PGL Report

On June 10, 2019

On Monday 10th of June, Years 5 & 6 arrived at Torquay, Devon for an exciting week ahead of us. On Monday, we went to the beach for a picnic and had ice cream. Thankfully, the dismal weather did not ruin the lovely time we had on the beach. When we arrived at Barton Hall, everyone was ecstatic and eager to explore PGL. We were shown around by our group leader – Amberley – who was from Australia and was extremely energetic.

On Tuesday, we had a range of activities that included: archery and the challenge. The best activity was canoeing because of our enthusiastic instructor Simon. We learnt important teamwork as well as having a lot of fun! After a long day of hard work, we sat down for dinner which was meatballs and rice; it was delicious. After this, we tried to get to sleep, but unfortunately, that did not work due to the fact that we had lots of energy remaining.

Some of our favourite activities were the giant swing, quad biking and fencing. However, the overall favourite was the sensory trail. People kept falling over because we could not see a thing through our blackout goggles. It also did not help that it was raining and the mud was wet and slippery. As you can imagine, we went in clean and came out extremely muddy. Fortunately, we could change into spare clothes.

Sadly, after a long, fun week, we had to leave PGL and say goodbye to all of our instructors and our hilarious group leader Amberley. We packed all of our things and we went through the gates to go back home to our parents. The journey back was long, but we can all agree that it was one of the best weeks of our lives.