Reception Trip to ‘We the Curious’

On January 23, 2019

Reception had an excellent day trip to ‘We the Curious’ in Bristol city centre. All the children were wonderful and listened well to the adults. When we arrived we were able to drop our coats and bags in a locker so that we could explore properly.

The children set about adventuring upstairs and found a wonderful large Lego building area and we had many enthusiastic builders and they loved putting the tiles on the roof. In the ‘Tinkering zone’ some of the children attempted to make different-shaped objects fly. After snack we travelled to Space with the help of the ‘Planetarium’ and we visited the Moon and Mars. At Lunch the children sat beautifully and finished their lunch very sensibly, Mrs Capper would have been very impressed. After that we explored dams, sluice gates and water lifts in the water area. Some of the children dressed as Bumblebees and milked the model cow whilst others floated balls above a wind tunnel and flew model parachutes down from the ceiling.

In the Human body zone children learnt that sound can travel through our bones and we heard music through our teeth and jaw bones! We even got to hold a model brain of a four year old so we now know how heavy and how big our brains are. So the children have promised to protect their brain a bit more and try to not have so many bumps at Play time and Lunch time!