Remembrance Assembly

On November 7, 2019

Remembrance Assembly 2019

On Thursday the 7th November Silverhill School celebrated Remembrance Day in honour of all those soldiers who died to save our countries from destruction. Year 6 collectively lead the assembly and shared speeches and poems. On the day, everybody was spoke clearly and inspired many children to appreciate what soldiers do for our country.

Year 6 children were paired up to recite the reflective poems which they had written themselves. They were about poppies, loss and a soldier’s experience on the battlefield. We all sung two hymns and had a very influential two minutes of silence. Mrs Conner played a beautiful song on her bugle. Everyone was very emotional and some even cried as Jessica recited a prayer to all of Silverhill School and parents. To end the beautiful ceremony, there was a respectful round of applause, in recognition of the soldiers who have died and the effort year 6 children had made in preparing for the assembly.

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