Remembrance Poems

On November 8, 2019

Silence in the poppy fields

Men were trudging through wet mud

Whilst the poppies were sprouting.

Screams, shouts, cries from poor souls

As the poppies began to grow.

Confused horses running-running

And poppy stalks were rising quickly.

Guns, bullets and bombs ready to be shot

When poppies were swaying in the wind.

Soldiers fell in the mud

And poppies rose in the heavy rain.

Bombs spilled out of the sky

And the poppies stopped to listen.

Children were taken away from their families

And the poppies were ready to show off their colours.

Soldiers’ parents having sleepless nights

As poppies ate all the light.


We used to play together all day

And to not know if he’s alive

Makes my heart beat out of its chest

Is he alive? Or dead…

The poppies are now fully grown

And the war is won.

The world is peaceful

And there is finally silence in the poppy fields.

By Milly

I Remember The Day

The colossal bombs dropping on the soft sand,

I feel rigid, muddy trench walls.

Menacing guns firing at the soldiers,

I could hear screaming, shouting and crying.

And then all of a sudden,

I could hear aeroplanes in the dark deadly sky.

I could see gas over the horizon.

Sad soldiers terrified for their lives.

I could see flying bombs shouting out of the aeroplanes.

Souring through the sky like eagles.

The aeroplanes were so deadly

One of them nearly took out 1000 people.


I remember the day he went away.

A heart wrenching time for us all.

I remember the good times playing in the sand.

On the beach not those dark bloody dunes.

By Tiger

The Anonymous Names But Famous Deeds

I am a soldier

People are bloody

Sickness everywhere

I hate my job

But must do it!

I pull the trigger on poor souls

Who traded their lives

For their country’s call

But must do it!

On my letters I write “Must be sadly sincere”

I can see my friends lying dead

I can touch bloody mud

Why did the war start?

But must do it!

I lie on the cold hard floor

Becoming as angry as hell’s fire

BANG! Why do I have to stay vigilant?

But must do it!


I remember the days that we used to play

Sticks, blocks. Cards – you name it.

I remember the joyous times

When he learned how to walk

Such good times washed away.

Every call

Every letter is nerve racking to answer

Why was he sent away?

My poor son

Please come back…..Alive

Is he wounded?

Is he upset?

Or even…. is he dead?

I hate not knowing how he is

Where is he?

By Lochlan

My Friend – The Soldier

Unboxing bullets into the barrel of the gun

Gas on the horizon – there was fighting.

Gunshots and screaming

They were ringing in my ears.

Horses moaning and dogs barking

Rats running wildly through trenches

Disease and squealing

Is this the end of the world?


I remember the time we drank lemonade

And played and played in the sun.

And hide and seek, those were the

Days that I loved.

I wonder if he’s ok – if he is hurt or not

Who knows? , I am – I got sent back

Which is sad because

I wanted to be with my best friend,


By Joe


Can you hear me?


The bombs are falling,

All I hear are the sounds of war.

Do you see it all?

The tanks, the fire, the bombs, the guns, the bullets, the cruel barbed wire.

Can you hear the whistling of the bombs and the clashing of the tanks?

The nightmare of war enveloped us as we marched further beyond the lines.

The stains of red muck and fallen bodies.

Planes running through the air,

People shouting for cover.

I hear my parent’s voices as the war grows on.

Our love for you never ends.

Come home and never leave again

By Toby

At war

Bombs are zooming rapidly across the land,

Grey clouds are swirling in the sky.

Soldiers feel heart- wrenched,

As they think of the family they left behind.

Quickly the soldiers run,

Holding the guns belligerently.

Once they shoot they feel as hard as rocks,

Wishing they weren’t here.


I remember when he was a child,

Throwing humungous teddy bears.

I never thought he’d go,

But he has,

He’s headed for the dingy trenches.

I am desperate for news,

I haven’t heard back.

Why did you separate us?

Life is never fair!

By Aaron

Will I return to my home?

I could see the haunting barbed wire, banging bullets

Firing across the battlefield;

Broken boats in the murky water,

Soldiers struggling to put on the clumsy helmets.

I was frightened and confused,

Tears falling down my face as fast as a cheetah.

I felt anxious, missing my family

Wondering if I will ever reach home again.


I was tearful that he would never come home.

I remember his cheerful smile and sparkling eyes

But is he still alive?

Worrying about him left me feel heart –broken,

Disturbed me in my emotional sleep at night,

Dreaming that he comes back all right.

By Arjun


It was a damp, dark night

Bombs were flying everywhere

Shallow, ragged breaths were held

Horrific marching frightened poor souls.

Planes soared over the battleground

Screaming and shouting throughout the night

The endless wail of sirens in the distance

Hearts throbbing at the sight of the dead.

Silent screaming faces contorted with pain

Endless planes soaring the skies

Shaking hands pull muddy triggers

Blood everywhere and no sign of life except from poppies.

I am a murderer, a pilot shooting down everything in sight

I have killed so many and will never forget the men I killed

At last the war was won

We will always remember the soldiers and pilots that risked their lives for us.

By David

HELL is waiting!

The air is as tense as a terrified boy,

A plank being lowered shattered the silence,

Footsteps echoed through the night,

As the first bullets ripped through the air…

The death as endless as hell’s fire,

The soldiers are fighting without any hope,

Bullets ripping everything in their paths,

Bombs creating massive craters in the dark dunes!

A hailstorm of bullets rained down,

Drawing dotted lines over my fellow soldiers,

Instantly expunging them,

This is a massive death frenzy.


He used to overwhelm me with joy and fun,

A happy time for us all,

He used to laugh all day long,

Now he is probably shouting, screaming and crying.

By Jakub

A World of Despair

Can you hear the loud, whistling bombs?

Spraying mud into my eyes and mouth?

Exploding buildings and monuments;

Exploding my friends!

Can you see the tanks?

Churning up the mud and grass,

Attacking each other,

Destroying everything in their path!

Children running, children screaming,

Calling to their friends,

Seeing tanks like monsters,

Their sorrowful shouts and cries.


I remember the days we used to play,

With plastic blocks and dolls,

You used to bounce me on your knee,

Happy as a summer’s day.

Remember the sandcastles we used to build,

With plastic cups and spoons,

Remember the days when it snows,

The biggest snowball fights.

Will you come home this year?

Will we have a snowball fight?

Will we build sandcastles in the summer?

Don’t keep us waiting so please come home.

By Jessica

The Nightmare That Is War

Thunder storms of bullets rained down

Bombs greeted us as we rushed off the boats

Soggy brown boots limped on without hesitating

The rain blinding everything.

We raced to the untrustworthy trenches

The muddy walls the only thing between death.

Hatred washed over everything

Gas was dropped but we stood our ground.

I could smell the acrid blood wafting on the air

Small fires raged and spat

I could hear screams of the fallen

Crying, shouting, cursing.

I could see bombs, metal balls of destruction

Falling and killing, screeching and whistling.

I could feel the grasping hand

The sand in my eyes and the upsetting scenes

It truly was an awful fight.


I remember when he used to play

To run and jump and shout and crawl

But I never thought he’d crawl among death

I will miss that good-hearted smile

And those chubby hands he used to grasp

But I never thought he would grasp a gun

I will miss every bit of my little soldier.

By Joshua