Rugby Match Report

On November 13, 2018

On Tuesday 13th November we went to a Tag Rugby match against St. Michaels school. The children that were in the team were Olivia from year 3, Aiden, Nia, Casey, Oliver, Mani, Lizzie and Katie in year 4. Everyone who took part enjoyed it and were inspired and learned more about Tag rugby, all thanks to our lovely PE teacher Mr. Stevens.

All the children worked really hard and loved the experience. When the match started we were all very nervous. However, all the encouragement from Mr. Stevens made us feel much better and not as worried. When it got going we started to get the hang of things. Later on in the match, when it was half time, we all went over to the bench that all our stuff was on to congratulate each other. When the match started again we got into action! We had to run to the other side and touch the ball to the line and that is how you get a try.

A couple of seconds later we had somehow managed to score another try by using amazing teamwork skills!

At the end of the match we shook hands with the other team and cheered for St. Michael’s and then they cheered for us. We were all proud of ourselves and wanted to do it again! We can’t wait to have another Tag Rugby match. Now we are closer as friends and have better teamwork.

By the end of the match we were winning 7-5 but then both teams ended up getting one more try each. We were all very pleased, but we didn’t want to show it because we didn’t want to upset the other team.


Written by Lizzie and Nia.