Silverhill Sports Day

On July 2, 2019

On Tuesday 2nd July we held the always much anticipated School Sports day.

The weather gods smiled on us and gave us a good day which commenced with the experienced sports day parents turning up in good time and throwing their ‘beach towels’ on the ‘poolside sun beds’ next to the finishing line.

FOSS and the catering team were all prepared and ready to do the great job they do each year and they did so again, so a big thank you to them.

Activities took place for Pre School, KS1 and KS2 throughout the day with breaks for picnics and fun.

KS1 children had a great morning of activities which they participated in their year groups i.e. Reception, year 1 and year 2.  The events were sprints, bean bag race, egg and spoon, sack race, hurdles and baton relay. All of the children took part with great gusto with smiles aplenty, they all did their best and there were some fantastic performances resulting in a close fought victory for Windsor house. Well done to all of KS1.

KS2 had an events-packed morning with all children taking part in sprints, middle distance races, Javelin, Discus, Long jump and Hurdles.

The competition was fierce throughout each and every event and some highlights were as follows.

The year 6 sprints for boys and girls were close run with Ethen and Conor battling hard for first place and Megan and Maddie doing likewise. For the year 5s Jasper and Lochlan were 1/10th of a second apart as were Megan and Milly, great racing!

In the year 4 sprints Oliver and Aubrey could hardly be split and Elizabeth H was a good winner for the girls.

For the year 3s another good contest was Will just pipping Sayan and Ruby edging a close one with- Olivia in the girls’ race.

In the long jump there were outstanding jumps with Conor and Megan winning the year 6 battle along with Jasper and Milly taking the year 5 honours.

In year 4 Lily was a winner by some length with Oliver and Casey having great jumps for 1st and second respectively.

For year 3 David and Olivia were ‘top dogs’.

In the distance races the winners were: year 6 Ethan and Megan, year 5 Jasper and Milly, year 4 Oliver and Grace, year 3 Will and Ruby.

The hurdles produced some tight races with Ethan and Sam, Maddie and Ella hardly being able to be separated in year 6. Year 5 winners were Jasper and Milly. Year 4 Elizabeth H and Casey, whilst for year 3 William and Olivia were on top.

In the javelin Ethan and Ella took gold, whilst for year 5 Joshua was first for the boys and Sophia won with a throw of 11.52 metres, over 2 metres ahead of second place, great throwing!

Year 4 also had great throws with both Casey and Lizzy G throwing well beyond their nearest rivals, well done, in year 3 there were good victories for Ruby and Joshua.

The discus event had some great performances including a big throw of over 19 metres! for Sam to win in year 6, with Morag winning the girls’ with nearly 18 metres!, well done.

For year 5 Jasper just pipped Liam for first place with Milly winning well in the girls section.

Casey and Lizzy G triumphed for year 4 with David and Olivia coming out on top in year 3.

After picnics and some Pimms (not for the children) afternoon events proceeded with the sprint relays, followed by the sack race and obstacle course race. All of the events were well contested with each and every child giving their absolute best for their house.

When all the points were totalled KS2 House winners were Warwick and they also took the overall total when KS1 points were added, congratulations Warwick.

The parents had a relay race. It seemed the world and his wife wanted to take part, it was somewhat competitive (thankfully no injuries this year) but the fancy dress Horse won the day.


The competition for the medals across all years was fierce and tiny margins separated the Gold medal winners from Bronze with some winning medals by one point and whole groups covered by just 6 or 7 points.

The roll of honour:

Bronze medals: David L, Scarlett, Aubrey, Katie D, Toby, Megan T, Conor D, Maddie.

Silver: William C, Olivia D, Casey, Nia, Libby, Joshua L, Olivia, Sam, Megan, Ella.

Gold: Joshua V, Ruby, Oliver B, Grace, Jasper, Milly, Ethan, Morag.

The Athletics shield winners were: Oliver B, Ruby, Jasper, Milly.

Congratulations to each and every child who made it such an enjoyable event, bring on 2020.