This House Believes That Children Should Have Holiday Homework

On May 17, 2019

The setting of holiday homework is an issue that is being debated passionately in schools and households across the country. Little wonder then that our pupils chose it as the topic for this week’s debate.

Although there was a marked difference between girls and boys in their attitude to holiday homework, the house showed respect for both sides of the argument, hence the large number of Don’t Knows. Girls opened by proposing the motion and drew support almost entirely from girls and vice versa with the boys, who opposed the motion.

For (quietly): kept their minds fresh and engaged; they stayed in touch with what they learnt at school; it was enjoyable; they did not get bored; academic progress was not interrupted.
Against (passionately) : holiday was for relaxing away from school; doing homework meant head down in a dark room and on your own; to have to do school-work in the holidays given that they were at school for most of their life was unfair; they did not get bored on holiday because there was so much to do. A girl recommended for the problem of studying in a dark room, alone that a light should be turned on and study with a friend! (laughter!)

The vote: For the motion: 13         Against: 19           DK: 12