Uniform Debate

On February 10, 2020



The four main speakers from Year VI in this debate were excellent. They presented themselves and their cases clearly and audibly – well done.

For the motion

The two main arguments offered by the two girls against uniform were based on cost and comfort. It was argued that school uniform was very expensive to buy when cheaper alternatives were available. They claimed that the tights were itchy, uncomfortable to wear and difficult to keep in place.

They wanted individuality in their choice of clothing rather than wearing the same clothes day after day. Their own clothes were cool and funky. It was more challenging for their mothers to keep uniform clean and presentable, while their own clothes were more casual. This especially applied to the white shirts – a colour they would never choose.

Without uniform you would not have to be smart all the time and you would not be so obvious on a school trip if you misbehaved.

Finally, more kids would join the school if they knew that clothing was optional.

Against the motion

The two main speakers were boys. They immediately denied the claim that school uniform was very expensive and this was confirmed by many in the House. They said that cheaper alternatives were available as uniform and that their own clothes were in fact more expensive. Cost was a serious factor.

Uniform showed which school they went to as proud representatives of their school. On a school trip they would easily be recognised, particularly if they lost their way. Nor would they risk misbehaving. They argued that it was important to be smart at school.

If they wore their casual clothes at school, they would no longer look forward to wearing casual clothes and mufty days would no longer apply.

Uniform meant that they were all at the same school and there would be no headache in deciding what to wear each morning.

Wearing uniform was a mark of pupils complying with the ethos of the school and its values.

The Vote

Here is the outcome of the vote of the House for (yes) and against (no) the abolition of school uniform:

      • Yes 23
      • No 9
      • DK 1