Westonbirt School’s Hogwarts Day

On November 15, 2019

Silverhill Review of Westonbirt School’s Hogwarts Day

Westonbirt did an absolutely incredible job with their Hogwarts’s workshop. The design of the main hall with flags and costumes was just so realistic. I actually felt like I was in Hogwarts! The parchment, characters and decorations were so well put into their place. The acting at the beginning where Mrs Weasley was thrown into the prison (Azkaban!) was very well timed and the acting was simply fantastic.

When we did the invisible ink, it was great fun, but it was also an opportunity to do something so random yet so fantastic. A very good skill to know if you want to prank an older sibling!

Writing our letters to Dumbledore was amazing. It was fun and it taught us how to write letters. This, ultimately, also taught us another aspect of literacy.

My favourite part of the experience was the lunch. We had to walk through the brick wall from Diagon alley to get in to the lunch hall, and in there was a teacher’s table and a table for each house. There were Harry Potter-based drinks, including Butter Beer. The Butter Beer even came with a chocolate chip cookie! Thank goodness there were just sandwiches and not frogs that jump off of your plate and into your face!

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and if I had the chance to do so, I would definitely do it again.

Written by Will (Year 6)