World Book Day

On March 5, 2020

World Book Day – KS1

All of Key Stage One enjoyed our World Book Day. The children all had a variety of experiences to participate in.

World Book day was a busy and exciting time for Reception. They were keen to talk about the character that they had chosen and what book it was from. After snack the children had time to sit together and share books. In Spanish they were introduced to a Spanish story about Don Quixote of La Mancha. At the end of the day after enjoying the Year 6 play, the children listened to stories read to them by their teachers. Finally the grand parade allowed them to show their outfits to the whole school. What a busy day!

Year One and Year Two children enjoyed sharing their favourite stories and telling everyone why they liked them. They also played “Guess the Character!” The children had to read character descriptions and work out which well-known book character was being described.

Year Two became even more familiar with their class library as they began a Scavenger hunt where they had to be detectives and find books with particular themes and characters. Finally all the children enjoyed watching the Year 6 play which really brought Shakespeare to life for them!


On Thursday 5th March Silverhill School celebrated World Book Day and a wonderful time was had by all!

Firstly, we were very fortunate to be visited by our famous local author, Amy Wilson (author of numerous fantastic reads, including ‘A Girl called Owl’ and ‘Far Away Magic’). Her inspirational words at the start of the day set the expectations high for an amazing day to unfold.

Amy delivered workshops to the children and she was very thought-provoking as she talked about her journey as an author, how to use your imagination and thus be creative in writing. The children planned out imaginary, magical characters during the sessions to help them to develop their stories.

This week was particularly exciting for the children in year 6 as they practised their play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ ready to perform to the rest of the school on World Book Day. They certainly did not disappoint and they impressed their fellow pupils and teachers with their imagination and enthusiasm when writing their adapted modern-day play. Every child took part, and it was wonderful to see them brimming with confidence. There are certainly some budding actors in the making and they delivered their lines with integrity and a sense of humour!

World Book Day has been a wonderful opportunity for children to dress up as characters who have particularly resonated with them along their journey as fluent, engaged readers – from our aspiring pre-schoolers  to year 6, at the top of the school. There is without doubt an abundance of enthusiasm for World Book Day at Silverhill!