Weekly News and Events

Filed in Main School Newsletters | Posted on June 28, 2019


Weekly News and Events 28/06/19 (Week 1)

Next Week

  • Monday 1st – Year 5 and 6 swimming
  • Tuesday 2nd Sports Day
  • Wednesday 3rd – Year 6 Bikeability
  • Thursday 4th – Reception trip to Westonbirt
  • Friday 5th – Reception and Year 1 swimming
  • Saturday 6th – Leavers ball

Future Events 

  • Wednesday 10th – Year 6 Bikeability
  • Thursday 11th – Year 1 – 6 Trip to Butlins.
  • Friday 12th – School closes at 12:00pm

Polite Notices

• Please may we continue to remind you of our No mobile phone policy. We thank you for your continued cooperation.

• Please may we also remind you that we are a nut free site.

• We have observed some drivers not adhering to the 5mph speed limit, the site speed limit is   set for the safety of your children, and your cooperation with this is appreciated.

• When parking your car please help others by parking courteously.

• Please make sure you are familiar with the one way system.

• During the school holidays, it is equally as important to maintain the security of the site.  Please can you make sure you close the main gates after gaining entry at these times.


Reception has been writing about the summer and what they might do on a sunny day in the garden. We have been looking at simple sums with money (1p, 2p and 5p coins). In Topic the children have been continuing to learn about minibeasts. They wrote invitations for their friends to ‘The Ugly Bug Ball’, having read the story together in class and they made their bug hats to wear to the ball.

Year 1 

In Numeracy this week the children have completed their end of year assessments. They all worked really hard and did very well. In Literacy we looked at the photos of the ‘Andy Goldsworthy Art’ we produced and wrote about them, we described the processes we went through, the materials we used and described the finished product. To continue with this theme we replicated our pieces of art inside using only man made materials. Mrs Dymock and Mrs Evans were very impressed. We have now watched episodes 6 and 7 of ‘Through the Dragon’s Eye’. In Science we looked at rainbows and the season of summer.

Year 2 

What an exciting week we have had in Year 2! We visited the Rainforest in Newbury and had an amazing time! I am sure your children told you all about it…. We also learnt about tribes people of the Amazon Rainforest this week and decorated our own colourful masks. We discussed how different from our own life might be for people living in the rainforest.
Year Two spent some time with the Year 3 children in their classroom this week. They listened to letters the Year 3 children had written for them telling them all about Year 3! They also met the current Year 3 teachers and spent some time with them.

Year 3 

Year 3 has worked hard in English this week. The children have worked in small groups to write their own version of the fable ‘The Hare and The Tortoise’.  For homework this weekend the children will need to learn their lines to perform their play to each other at the beginning of next week.  The children may also choose to make some props for their performance.  In computing lessons, the children have been adding to their page of our Class Book.

In Maths this week we have been undertaking one step and two step problem solving with money. It would be really valuable to take the children shopping with their pocket money and let them have a go at sorting out their change! In Art we have started our Papier Mache Iron age cauldron (as part of Cross-curricular History topic). The children have been designing the pattern on the outer side and have been having fun with lots of glue!

Year 4 

This week in English, Year 4 have been busy producing non-chronological reports on the subject of Sea Dragons. They are now working in groups to produce a non-chronological report next week on a subject of their choice.

It was wonderful to see some of the year 4’s taking part in the music assembly on Wednesday, well done to all of them.

Year 5 and 6

Year 5 have written some clever and amusing History pieces from different points of view.  They used a picture as a stimulus, which depicts a conversation between Cortes and Moctezuma in Tenochtitlan (Mexico).  It’s encouraging to see how the children are bringing together what they’ve learnt in literacy lessons and combining it with their historical knowledge.

Year 5 have also had a busy week in Maths solving a variety of Maths puzzles including some very ‘out of the box’ thinking challenges.

What an amazing week for year 6. It was wonderful to see the PowerPoint presentations, as a result of all their hard work in ICT – it does not cease to amaze me how professional and articulate the children are at this young age. In our English lessons, Year 6 have also been working incredibly diligently – adding to their portfolio of amazing writing for this year. Well done.

Year 6 have also been discussing their worries and concerns regarding Secondary School along with discussing all the things they are looking forward to.


This week in Spanish we introduced in Early Years and Reception vocabulary for parts of the body using the equivalent of the English “Head and Shoulders”.
The farm animals we had introduced and worked on in previous lessons joined in the exercise and we watched a video for that.
In Y1 and Y2 children learnt a song of a very popular summer fruit in Spain: watermelon (sandia).
In years 3, 4 and 5 children learnt also a song and this time the choice was made so that children travelling on holidays to Spain join in the popular “Fiestas”. The song is called “Una taza” and it involves actions.
A very good week as a warming up for the end of year party session next week!