Weekly News and Events

Filed in Main School Newsletters | Posted on March 29, 2019

Weekly News and Events 29/03/2019

Filed in Main School Newsletters | Posted on 29th March 2019

Future Events

Thursday 25th April – Scooter Training for year Two.

Friday 26th April – Year Two will be swimming.

Saturday 27th April – FOSS Quiz night.

Saturday 27th April – School Open Morning.

Wednesday 1st May – Open Classroom – please be aware that we will be running an open classroom morning and afternoon. You can visit your child / children’s classroom / s and see their work between the hours of 8.00 – 8.30 and 3.30 – 4.00 for Key Stage 1 and 4.00 – 4.30 for Key Stage 2.

Polite Notices

Please may we continue to remind you of our No mobile phones policy. We thank you for your continued co-operation.

Please may we also remind you that we are a nut free site.

Car Park – A polite reminder, drop off and pick up times can get very busy, please can we ask you to park courteously especially at these times. Please make sure you stick to the 5mph site speed limit. Please make sure you are familiar with the one way system.

During the school holidays, it is equally as important to maintain the security of the site. Please can you make sure you close the main gates after gaining entry at these times.

What we’ve been up to this week


This week Reception have been enjoying the Spring weather outside at play time, making the most of every minute with their friends and the play time equipment. They have been preparing for Easter and Mother’s Day with lots of crafting activities and writing. We have been halving in Maths and have found that some numbers can be shared equally and others cannot! Our Nursery rhyme this week has been ‘1, 2 Buckle my shoe’ and they have enjoyed ordering the sequencing cards for this rhyme and some could be heard singing as they ordered the cards. They have enjoyed learning Easter songs in Hymn Practice and Assembly and may want to share ‘Spring Chicken’ with you! We hope you have a restful Easter holiday.

Year 1

What a busy week. Monday was filled with a variety of fun activities for our decathlon, we were silent for 5 minutes, went apple bobbing, threw bean bags balanced on 1 leg to name but a few. A huge well done to all year 1 pupils. We have been thinking about Easter, we have written the Easter story, made Easter chicks, chocolate Easter baskets and had fun doing the Easter Egg hunt.  In PE we did a round robin of activities using bean bags, balls, hoops and quoits. We have not sent home any spellings or reading books this holiday. Please feel free to practise the phonics for this term and share a variety of different books with your children. We hope you have a super Easter Break.

Year 2

Year Two enjoyed their performance at the community tea party on Tuesday afternoon. They sang up well and remembered all their words, we all enjoyed the experience.

The Monday afternoon decathlon went well with all the children participating in their chosen activities. The children have also enjoyed listening about the Easter story and making cards to bring home. We hope you have a lovely Easter.

Year 3

This week we had a wonderful beginning as the children watched the ‘Greek Myth with a modern twist film.’ This treat was because the children had made excellent effort with learning their weekly spellings. Well done to everyone! On Monday afternoon the children took part in the sponsored Decathlon. The children had great fun and there was an interesting array of activities to do.  In Maths we have been making the most of the warm weather and have been measuring perimeter outdoors. On Tuesday the children made sandwiches for the Community afternoon tea and the sandwiches were delicious! In English the children have learning the features of instructions and have two exciting homeworks to complete over the holidays. One is to follow a recipe and make some yummy Easter cupcakes and the other will be used in ICT lessons further into the summer term. Congratulations to all the children that sat their LAMDA exams – their behaviour was exemplary and they all looked incredibly smart! Friday the children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt – thank you to Year 6 children for organising this. Also thank you to FOSS for organising the Mother’s Day presents. Thank you to those children that have returned their sponsorship money for Mr Poole’s orphanage and we would be really grateful for the remainder to be returned as soon as possible in the first week back to school. Mr Poole has said that £1 in England is equivalent to £10 in India so even a little will go a long way. We wish all the children and their families a wonderful holiday – please remember to READ!!

Year 4

Year 4 had a fantastic time completing the sponsored decathlon challenge on Monday afternoon, with everyone completing at least 10 varied challenges. Their favourites being apple bobbing, welly throwing, the penalty shoot-out and the maths challenge! Hopefully they will be able to collect all their hard earned sponsorship money in over the Easter break.

Tuesday morning they had the task of making cupcakes for the community tea party. They baked like true professionals – all be it rather messy ones, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

 Maths homework: Please could all pupils continue practising their times tables and telling the time using both an analogue and digital clock. Thank you.

English homework: Please could all pupils do lots of reading over the Easter holidays and practice any tricky words they may not know from the Year 3/4 spelling list.

Have a great holiday.

Year 5

Year 5 and 6 have been enjoying the glorious weather this week. During their Maths lessons they have been outside using metre rulers and metre wheels to find the area and perimeter of various shapes including the orchard path and play areas. Our Medieval Barn workshop is now complete. If you would like to view the children’s work, it will be on display after school today and at the beginning of next term in the Art room. They have made a medieval barn and Mayan pottery.

Year 6

Year 5 and 6 have been enjoying the glorious weather this week. During their Maths lessons they have been outside using metre rulers and metre wheels to find the area and perimeter of various shapes including the orchard path and play areas. The Year 6s enjoyed collecting a variety of data to enable them to find the Mean Average. The children have been looking out for acute and obtuse angles in nature and we even tried to find a naturally occurring right angle!


This week we have reinforced the sound /j/, from Early Years to Y5, while singing the Easter song “Mi conejito” by Jose Luís Orozco. We have added more Easter vocabulary like “Huevos de Pascua” (Easter Eggs) and “Huevos de chocolate”, counting the eggs and decorating them revising the colours. In Y4 and Y5 children also wrote an Easter card in order to practice “Felices Pascuas” (Happy Easter). “Felices Pascuas” to everyone!