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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – 24th January 2020

Future Events

  • Monday 27th January 2020 Year 3/4 Swimming
  • Tuesday 28th January 2020 Year 4 Maths Challenge Vs Red Maids School
  • Friday 31st January 2020 Reception Swimming
  • Monday 3rd February 2020 Year 5/6 Swimming
  • Thursday 6th February 2020 Year 5/6 Netball Vs Frampton CofE / St Michaels Hambrook 
  • Friday 7th February 2020 Year Year 1/2 Swimming
  • Monday 10th February 2020 3/4 Swimming
  • Thursday 13th February 2020 Year 1 trip to Chepstow Castle
  • Friday 14th February 2020 Inset Day

Polite Notices

  • Please may we also remind you that we are a nut-free site?
  • We are still observing some drivers not adhering to the 5mph speed limit. The site speed limit is set for the safety of your children and your cooperation with this is much appreciated.
  • When parking your car please help others by parking courteously.
  • Please make sure you are familiar with the one way system.
  • During the school holidays, it is equally as important to maintain the security of the site. Please can you make sure you close the main gates after gaining entry at these times?

Thank You.


Reception have enjoyed a second week of the topic ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have been writing ‘CVC, words and simple captions to match pictures. We have learned the new phonics ‘igh’(fly high) and ‘ow’ (blow the snow). In Maths we have been using our numbers to 10 and 20 (ordering, writing and counting). We have been sorting 2d shapes; counting the number of sides and corners. In Topic we have made clay pig faces and continue to make models of the houses. In Gymnastics we are using our balance, movements and different jumps to create a simple sequence.

Year 1

In literacy this week, children have been learning about Chinese new year. They have thought about their favourite animals and described them using adjectives. They have also set the scene for
the new year race, before retelling the story. The sound of the week is ‘air’. Please help your child to find some words. In Maths we have continued our work on place value by adding 10 to a number. We have also ordered numbers using the words ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘between’.
We have concentrated on the ‘Dragons’ part of our topic this week. The children worked together as a group to make a large dragon which they showed in assembly. They have also made smaller dragons as well as written their names in Chinese.
Please could I remind you that children should now be coming in to the block by themselves whenever possible. You are, of course welcome to come in if you need to speak to me!

Year 2

Year Two have been finishing off their diary writing about being at Dragon School. I was delighted with the way the children incorporated the story language into their own writing! The class has also been looking at how we use subordinate conjunctions this week and trying to remember to use them in their writing!
We have been finding out about Chinese New Year this week. Everyone has enjoyed learning about the characteristics of their Chinese animal!

Year 3

This week in Year 3 the children have been continuing with their very exciting Greek Myths story about Theseus and the Minotaur! Also in English they have been learning about simple, compound and complex sentences. In Maths we have been looking at multiplying and dividing multiples of 10 and 100. The children have had great fun pretending to be the digits on a place value chart and jumping left or right when Mrs Bufton shouted out instructions about multiplying by 10/100 and dividing by 10/100. In Art we are starting our printing painting where the children choose one of the eight drawings they did in the Roman garden and make a stencil in the style of the arts and crafts artist William Morris. In PHSE we talked about taking responsibilities for our own actions and what types of talents we have and how best to use them.

Years 4

This week, in year 4 English, the children have been working incredibly hard using wonderful extended noun phrases to describe characters and settings. They have then been following this up by editing their sentence work to further improve these sentences.
In Maths, some of the children have been developing their understanding of number and also have been focusing on decimals and metric units of length.
In History, the children have been looking further into their topic of the Romans and the Roman invasion.

Year 5 and 6

4 children attended the Year 5 Maths challenge on Thursday 23rd January. The children were great ambassadors for the school and really enjoyed the experience.
Year 6-Fractions, Fractions Fractions has been the moto of the week in year 6. We have revised adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing simplifying and comparing and finding fractions of amounts. Please encourage your child to use their blue books to consolidate this learning.