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 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – 14th February 2020

Future Events

  • Monday 24th February Year 5/6 Swimming
  • Friday (not Tuesday) 28th February Year 1/2 Swimming
  • Monday 2nd March Year 3/4 Swimming
  • Thursday 5th March World Book Day
  • Friday 6th March Reception Swimming
  • Monday 9th March Year 5/6 Swimming
  • Thursday 12th March Year 1 visit to Cardiff Castle
  • Friday 13th March Year 1/2 Swimming

Polite Notices

  • Please may we also remind you that we are a nut-free site.
  • We are still observing some drivers not adhering to the 5mph speed limit.  The site speed limit is set for the safety of your children and your cooperation with this is much appreciated.
  • When parking your car please help others by parking courteously.
  • Please make sure you are familiar with the one way system.
  • During the school holidays, it is equally as important to maintain the security of the site.  Please can you make sure you close the main gates after gaining entry at these times?  Thank You.


Reception have enjoyed the ‘Little Red Hen’ story this week. They have been writing in class using captions or CVC words. The phonic sounds we focused on were ‘air’ and ‘ir’. They have been concentrating on using their ‘whooshes’ and ‘whees’ to help form their letters correctly. In Maths we have looked at Repeating patterns, Number and Money. We have been creating a Little Red Hen picture using our hand prints. The children also enjoyed helping to raise money for the Australian bush fire appeal run by Year 6. 

On World Book Day on 5th March Reception are invited to dress up as a character from a Traditional Tale. Please ensure that the children have something appropriate for playtimes outside.

Year 1

This week has mainly focussed on mid term assessments with a maths place value quiz and a ‘look what I can do’ piece of writing in which the children described a castle scene using adjectives and connectives to join clauses.

Although wet at times, the children thoroughly enjoyed visiting Chepstow Castle on Thursday, where their prior learning about caste structure, history and geographical positioning of castles was brought to life. 

Year 2

Year 2 will update you after half term.

Year 3

This week in Maths, the children have been consolidating all their learning on calculations with lots of problem solving exercises. In between this we have been practising our doubles and halves! Mrs Bufton used Mrs Conner’s lesson idea and used musical instruments to teach multiples of 2, 5 and 10. The children shook a maraca on multiples of 2, they hit pieces of wood together on multiples of 5 and went crazy and shook all the instruments on a multiple of 10 – they had great fun! 

The children have been working hard in English, writing their end of term assessments about their own invented Greek myth, based on their own choice of Greek god, hero and fantastical monster!  They have very much enjoyed this term’s theme.  In Geography, the children have been revising continents and the world’s oceans. 

World Book Day will be after half term on Thursday 5th March and the children are very excited! Please can they dress up as their favourite book character and also bring the book (that has the character in it) to school.

Year 4

This week has been an incredibly busy week for the Year 4’s and I would like to congratulate them on being so wonderful this week.  They have all been writing their English assessments this week and they are producing some outstanding stories.

As well as this they have been taking part in a series of CATS tests which all Year 4’s take part in. This helps to inform our planning and the children’s learning styles.

Well done to all of them.

Year 5

Year 5 have been doing some research around Games that have been played throughout History.  They have considered some interesting and curious links between having fun and excitement and how this can be linked to competition, risk taking and even “death”.  With this in mind, the children have created some games that they can teach to others or play inside during wet play, with an emphasis on fun coming from collaboration and physical activity!

Last week Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Palmer, a parent who is an aeronautical engineer. She gave a fascinating talk about how she became an engineer and then answered all the children’s probing questions. Following on from this, and as part of the ‘If I were an engineer…’ competition (see separate letter from Mrs Buckley), the children have come up with amazing inventions to solve problems they have noticed, be they close to home or global. They have thought really hard about their inventions and written wonderful accompanying letters to persuade the engineers to build their design as a prototype.  These will all be sent off to be read by engineers next term. 

Year 6

Year 5 and 6 have been completing assessments on Multiplication and Division this week.  Both Year groups had a look at www.mathssphere.co.uk and completed a variety of puzzles and problems including Funky 15 and Dress Addy.  We hope the children all have a lovely half-term.