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 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – 28th February 2020

Future Events

  • Monday 2nd March – Year 3/4 Swimming
  • Thursday 5th March – World Book Day
  • Friday 6th March – Reception Swimming
  • Monday 9th March – Year 5/6 Swimming
  • Thursday 12th March – Year 1 visit to Cardiff Castle
  • Friday 13th March – Year 1/2 Swimming
  • Monday 16th March – Book Fair arriving & Year ¾ Swimming
  • Wednesday 18th March – “The Wider Community” Spring Garden Party (by invitation only)
  • Thursday 19th March – Athletics vs Hambrook School
  • Friday 20th March – FOSS Mother’s Day Sale (art room) & Reception Swimming

Polite Notices


• Please may we also remind you that we are a nut-free site.

• We are still observing some drivers not adhering to the 5mph speed limit.  The site speed limit is set for the safety of your children and your cooperation with this is much appreciated.

• When parking your car please help others by parking courteously.

• Please make sure you are familiar with the one way system.

• During the school holidays, it is equally as important to maintain the security of the site.  Please can you make sure you close the main gates after gaining entry at these times?  Thank You.


This week Reception have been reading the Gingerbread man. We have used adjectives to describe the characters from the story. The children have continued to practise their writing, concentrating on their whooshes and whees. In Maths they have had a go at creating a symmetrical Gingerbread man and finding one more than or one less than a given number. In PE we enjoyed some guided relaxation techniques before we practised our throwing and catching.

Year 1

Year 1 have settled back well after the break.  We have been looking at instructions and commands, using imperative verbs.  On Tuesday, we followed and wrote instructions to make pancakes which we then enjoyed eating and having races with.  The reason for shrove Tuesday and the associated traditions were also discussed.  We have also enjoyed the Mo Willems books ‘Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus’ and ‘Don’t let the Pigeon Stay Up late’- writing rules for the pigeon as well as excuses he may have given.

In Maths we have been measuring length using cubes and discussing associated vocabulary as well as finding the numerical difference between two lengths.

In topic we continued our work on geographical land features and positions of castles, concentrating on Chepstow castle and the landfeatures we noticed on our trip.

Year 2

The class participated in Pancake Day on Tuesday this week. They learnt about why we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and how that prepares us for Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Everyone then helped make pancakes and eat them! The children participated in pancake tossing races and a literacy activity. After reading “The Runaway Pancake,” the children imagined being the pancake and wrote a postcard describing what happened to them in the story!

This week Year Two have also been continuing to work with multiplication and division, using their understanding of the commutativity of multiplication. 

We are happy to announce the discovery of 4 new baby stick insects in Year Two this week….. we are very proud! 

Do come in and have a look if you would like to. 

Please do encourage your child to learn their spellings this weekend ready for Monday… have a lovely weekend. 

Ms P & Mrs D

Year 3

It has been lovely to see the children back from their break, (mostly) rested and looking forward to the run up to Easter.  They are already talking excitedly about next week’s World Book Day. Roll on next Thursday!

In English this week we have been discussing and putting into practice how the apostrophe is used in contractions. Please help your child identify these in their reading books or ask them to tell you which letters the apostrophe has replaced. The children found it interesting to note that an apostrophe sometimes replaces 1, 2, 3 or even more letters in a contraction. In Maths we have been finding out how to work out ‘Fractions of Amounts.’ We then found out how to link this to division ( and to help us with some tricky bits did lots of practise of the commutative law so it was a bit easier! ). In PHSE we had a lesson about ‘What makes us worry and how we can use strategies to help.’ It was a fun session as the children decorated a sheet with a different style handbag or bag and wrote all their worries on it.

Year 4

This week in Year 4 literacy, the children have started their new topic for the term (chronological recounts) and have enjoyed looking at different books, reviewing them and describing the main events in time order. 

Please can I stress the importance of each child having their own pencil case in school with a sharpened pencil and rubber. It is becoming an every day occurrence that children do not have their own stationary in school and this is proving to be a problem in lessons. A reward scheme will be in place for those children that come to lessons with the correct stationary equipment.

The children are thoroughly looking forward to world book day next Thursday and may come dressed as any character from their favourite book.

Year 5

Year 5 have settled back well into the new term and as a class they have started reading  ‘I believe in Unicorns’ by Michael Morpurgo, in preparation for writing about mystical, inspirational creatures. The children are looking forward to World Book Day, next Thursday 5th March. They are allowed to wear a costume of their own choosing as long as their character is based on a book.  We are very lucky to have the support of our local famous author Amy Wilson next Thursday, and she will conduct workshops with KS2.  The children will be using their material from the workshops to write their own stories in follow-up activities.  

Maths for Year 5 and 6

Year 5 have been learning about angles on a straight line and at a point this week. We used a variety of YouTube videos to help us consolidate how to find angles without a protractor. It is always interesting to see different children’s strengths when we move from number and calculation to shape, space and measure. All the children were motivated to solve the problems.

Year 6

Year 6 are busy preparing for their mini-plays which they will perform to the rest of the school on World Book Day (next Thursday 5th March). Just to remind parents that the children are allowed to wear a costume of their own choosing as long as their character is based on a book. For the mini-play your child knows which character they are playing and I know are busy preparing their costumes. Homework this week will be to learn their lines from the scenes they have written in their groups.  Year 6 will also attend a workshop next Thursday run by our local famous author, Amy Wilson. The children will be using their material from the workshops to write their own stories in follow-up activities.

Year 6 

The children have worked really hard on some tricky mental maths problems. The children tried really hard to do as much as the problems in their heads which really warmed them up to move on to complex word problems. Please keep encouraging your children to complete the revision quizzes from their blue KS2 revision guides.